Amateur radio page of Ian Roberts, ZS6BTE. Content update 26 March 2019



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                         3DA0TE               A25/ZS6BTE               V5/ZS6BTE               Z2/ZS6BTE

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                             QTH Randburg 26.1 S, 27.9 E, 1650m a.s.l (locator: KG33xv), north-west of Johannesburg

QRV 40, 50 and 70 MHz, very occasionally HF digimodes

QSL cards are not collected, please use

VHF/UHF DXCC entities worked
7m (40.675 MHz) entities: 1
6m DXCC entities: 111

4m DXCC entities: 4
2m DXCC entities (EME): 1
Satellite DXCC entities: 79

Personal Details

Trans Equatorial Propagation in South Africa As published in Radio ZS, Jan/Feb. 2013. (480kB)

Aircraft Scatter 14 August 2013 (6.98MB)

Tropospheric Scatter Propagation
As published in Radio ZS, Dec. 1984 (842kB)

Aircraft and Satellite Echoes from TV transmitters at VHF and UHF February 2010. (1.25MB)

VHF-UHF Propagation by Lightning Flash December 2015 (3.2MB)

Using the Heath SB220 linear on 50 and 70 MHz  July 2015 (3.1MB)

Dual Band Yagi for 50 and 70 MHz  September 2011 (7.6MB)

3 el 40.68 MHz Yagi  August 2015 (4.3MB)  Published in Radio ZS September 2015

Bi-directional Yagi for 144 MHz  January 2016 (650kB) Published in Radio ZS February 2016

Using a satellite TV LNB on the 3cm band  January 2016 (90kB)

Ku-band LNA/LNB optimisation for 10.4 GHz  March 2019 (1.4MB)


Satellite DXCC using Es'hail 2 satellite