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You probably have come here because you are looking for CW or
Morse Code software. Two different types of training software are available on this web site:

Precision CW Fistcheck was designed to help you train your
Morse keying

Precision CW Tutor was designed to help you train your
Morse reading


And you can also find some information on the COHERENT CW mode.

The software you find below is believed to be safe. You can download and use it free of charge. Just select what you are looking for.

Special thanks for numerous discussions, ideas, suggestions, and thorough testing and bug reports go to a number of radio amateurs, especially to Bill, WA2NFN, Paul, KW1L, and Bob, WO6W.

If you have problems with downloading or any questions related to the software, you should send me an EMail.   73, Ernst DJ7HS




This piece of software allows you to train your ability to send International Morse Code.
Just connect your straight or semiautomatic key to a Morse buzzer and connect the buzzer's output to the audio input of your PC or laptop.
Or you connect your key directly to the PC, either with a specially prepared mouse, or with just a small one-resistor-interface and a serial RS232/COM interface.
The program will show you what you are keying, mark and space, dots and dashes. And it will try to decode the Morse characters you have formed.

A page with FAQ and help information on PCW Fistcheck V 3.8 is available here.

And here is an example, where the Morse characters "PSEK" have been keyed with a straight key.
Pressing F9 would right now give an audible playback of this sequence with exactly the same timing.

pattern of PSEK

PCW Fistcheck V 3.8 for Windows Download from here (

SHA256: C82F7E6F522BA9F5FF78941A14D3F762C53430D958BDE8BC0CDE578966143F2D



New in 2024: Version 6.9, again with many improvements.


Precision CW Tutor or PCW Tutor allows you to train your ability to read International Morse Code by ear. You may use Precision CW Tutor as a general purpose Morse keyer, and it will probably serve you quite well, but it has not been specially designed for that.

I myself have used this software (and its earlier versions) for teaching to read Morse code with much success since 1993.
If you are running a Morse code class, you can at any time use PCW Tutor as a Morse keyer, just like you would use a straight key or semiautomatic "bug" key. The main feature though is that randomly generated Morse characters, or randomly created words from a loaded list, or randomly created Q-codes can be produced. And this is equally helpful in a Morse code class or for training all by yourself.
Morse speed can be easily changed on the fly or automatically increased within a session. And of course, the Farnsworth training method is supported, which uses a constant fixed speed for the single characters and longer pauses in between to have some "thinking time".

A page with FAQ and help information on PCW Tutor V 6.9 is available here.

And here is an example of a session with 150 randomly picked Morse characters:

end of a random session

PCW Tutor V 6.9 for Windows Download from here (

SHA256: B4C807FC76BC019878CE6B4C3AF20D63EC66240D86ADF8AE1D7CB7CFFAE31C44


PRECISION CW for Coherent CW (CCW)

Precision CW V 2.4

In 2001 this was the last version of the PRECISION CW program for receiving and sending COHERENT CW.
This version did run under standard DOS or in a DOS box of an early Windows operating system. Data input was via a PC soundcard.
Keying output was accomplished via one line of one of the COM serial interfaces.

Sri, no download, only available upon special request


Documents on Coherent CW (CCW)

Coherent CW by Ray Petit W7GHM

This paper by Ray Petit in QST of September 1975 seems to be one of the earliest documents dealing with the then new "coherent" mode for CW.

CCWNOTES by Peter Lumb G3IRM

These notes have been prepared by Peter Lumb, G3IRM, in 1995. They give you some idea how COHERENT CW operates.

CCW Theory by Ernst F. Schroeder DJ7HS

This document gives you some insight into the theory behind COHERENT CW.


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