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You probably have come here because you were looking for software. Software to train reading Morse code, software to train Morse keying or software to run CW mode or even COHERENT CW mode on your amateur radio equipment from your PC.

Below you find a list of downloadable software, some is free of charge and some is shareware. Just select what you are looking for.

If you have problems with downloading or any questions related to the software, you should send me an EMail.   73, Ernst DJ7HS



New: now adapted and tested for Windows 10


This piece of software helps you to train your CW keying abilities.
Just connect your straight or semiautomatic key to a Morse buzzer and connect the buzzer's output to the audio input of your PC or laptop.
The program will show you what you are keying, mark and space, dots and dashes. It will even try to decode the Morse characters you have formed.

PCW Fistcheck V 1.4 for Windows

Download from here (

A page with FAQ and help information on PCW Fistcheck is available here.


New: now adapted and tested for Windows 10


Yes, yet another CW training program.
I have used this one (and its earlier versions) for teaching to read Morse code with much success since 1993.
The latest version V 5 now is a genuine Windows program. It supports random characters and variable speed. Of course, the Farnsworth training method is supported. This program has just been adapted for Windows 10 and will still see some improvements in the future.
The last version designed for DOS, PCW TUTOR V 4.6, supports PC sound card morse output and random words from an editable list. It also remembers the settings from a previous session.
This latest DOS version runs on DOS computers as well as on PCs running Windows (latest Version tested is Windows XP SP3). In Windows there may be occasionally a timing error that results in a somewhat corrupted Morse character.

PCW Tutor V 5.5 for Windows

Download from here (

A page with FAQ and help information on PCW Tutor V 5 is available here.

PCW Tutor V 4.6

Download from here


PRECISION CW for Coherent CW (CCW)

Precision CW V 2.4

This is the last version of the PRECISION CW program for receiving and sending COHERENT CW.
This version can run under standard DOS or in a DOS box of Windows, but it does no longer accept the VE2IQ interface. Data input is only via a PC soundcard.
Keying output is still accomplished via one line of one of the COM serial interfaces. Some minor bugs have been fixed.
The minimum PC requirements are a '286 processor with at least 24 MHz clock..

No download, only available upon special request


Documents on Coherent CW (CCW)

CCWNOTES by Peter Lumb G3IRM

These notes have been prepared by Peter Lumb, G3IRM, in 1995. They give you some idea how COHERENT CW operates.

CCW Theory by Ernst F. Schroeder DJ7HS

This document gives you some insight into the theory behind COHERENT CW.


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