WB6DWD - Rock-Mite Page

Pictured above is a Rock-Mite for 30 meters that I am working on.

I have made many contacts with these little radios and I am amazed
each time I make a new contact.
I have two different actual rigs that are in process of being completed. It's an
evolutionary project and maybe I'll actually finish them one day.

The first rig is a dual band rockmite where I have have a 20 meter Rock-Mite
and a 40 meter Rock-Mite and one of Steve Weber's AAPB audio filter boards all packed
into one enclosure. The Second rig will be a 30 meter Rock-Mite also with an AAPB
board. All of the Rock-Mites have been modified in many ways from their stock configuration.

Here's some of the modifications I have made.
Molex Connectors and a male bnc connector
allow the Rock-Mite to be easily removed from the enclosure.
Here's my Dual Band Rock-Mite that I call ROCKY II.
Get a whopping 800mw out of the Rock-Mite.
How I installed my Jackson Harbor RMK PIC.
My Second attempt at building the
companion AAPB Audio Filter companion for the Rock-Mite.
My 30 Meter Rock-Mite (ROCKY III).
Softening the sidetone.
And finally some LINKS to other Rock-Mite pages.

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