30 Meter Rock-Mite (ROCKY III)

The first step on this project was aquiring the crystals.
I was able to get them from KA8MAV at http://www.qrpp-i.com.
These crystals are at 10.106 Mhz.
Crystals are also available through Norcal QRP club.
The Norcal crystals are at 10.116 Mhz.

I then ordered a 20 meter Rock-Mite from Dave at SWL.
Finally, I ordered the replacement componant parts from Mouser.com
needed to make the rig work effectively on 30 meters.

Here's the parts list:
Part Description RM Part
10.106/10.116 MHZ xtal Y1, Y2
5.1 V zener (1N5031a) D5
47 pF C10, C11
39 pF C12
6.8 uH molded choke L1
1.2 uh molded choke L2, L3
220 pF C15, C17
470 pF C16

Choke Coils: I used Mouser part series 434-22-xxx (same as Dave used)
Capacitors: Use NPO 5% or better.
Both Y1 and Y2 must be on the same frequency.

This is the 30 meter Rock-Mite board next to a dollar coin I got at the
post office.

I finally found the right enclosure. I'm using a Hammund 1590BB aluminum die
cast enclosure that I picked up a Fry's. I painted it Hunter Green.
You can see the ROCKY III lable that I made on my printer.
I'll tack this down to the lid with clear acrylic spray.

And here's the AAPB and the RM/30 in the enclosure.
In this picture, I have mounted some of the jacks and done some of the wiring.

Many thanks to Chuck Carpenter, W5USJ, for all of his experimenting in this area.

The finished verison of this radio puts out a little over 700mw into my QRP watt meter.

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