Using Molex Connectors on the Rock-Mite

I used 6 pin molex connectors, a short piece of RG174 and a male BNC connector.
I fitted the rockmite with the Male molex connector and the chassis componants
were connected to the Female molex connector. I used #24 stranded hookup wire
that I ripped out of an old printer cable. I made sure to use unique but
corresponding colored wire on each pin so that if a wire started out as purple
from the rockmite, that color would also be used for the same connectoion on the
female conenctor. The bundle of wires was then secured to the corner mounting hole
using a ty-wrap. Finally, I used a Sharpie to write a 2 or each of the
20 meter Molex connectors and a 4 on each of the 40 meter Molex connectors.

A BNC passthrough is used on the enclosure to make connection and disconnection
literally a snap.

Sorry about the bad picture quality but I think you get the idea.
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