Small Wonder Labs where you can purchase a Rock-Mite.

KE6RIE sells a great enclosure for the Rock-Mite called the Mitybox.

Visit the 'Rock-Mite Files' at:
for a great Rock-Mite resource! Building tips, photo gallery and more...

N5FC/N5ESE has a really nice Dual-Band Rock-Mite.

N5ZE has a rig called the Obsidion Rock-Mite.

N4QA has built a RTTY Rock-Mite. Yes RTTY!

W2AGN's 20 and 40 meter Rock-Mites.

Doug - WA0VSL and his Penguin Rock-Mite.

AA5TB and his portable Rock-Mite setup.

KV7X is using the traditional Altoids tin.

A German Rock-Mite site put up by the DL QRPPROJECT.

KM5CW builds a 20 meter Rock-Mite.

N9VV shows off his Rock-Mites and other kits.

WB9PLU has a really amazing portapaddle/rockmite combo.

KC5WA shows us some nice close-ups and step by step instructions.

WD9GON has a homebrew enclosure and paddle.

A Japaneese Rock-mite site.

W0CH Shows off his 'Rock-Candy' rig.

W0TUP shows us that not all tins are alike.

KR7K's Rock-Mite QRP page.

WB3GCK built a stock rock-mite.

Know of other RM sites?
Email me @ [email protected] only replace NOJUNK with THENELS.

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