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WSJT/FSK441 High Speed Meteor Scatter Information

Several of the pages below will take you to other pages not shown here.
Hopefully these pages will help you setup, trouble shoot, use, and answer
any WSJT questions you might have.

How To Get Started with WSJT/FSK441 mode

Look here  for an idea of what you need for this mode

Where to get WSJT/FSK441 Software and upgrades

WSJT High Speed (8820 LPM) Real Time Decode Digital Meteor Scatter Software  by K1JT.

EU Mirror Site for WSJT Download

WSJT/FSK441 Initial Software Setup

Look here for information on  WSJT/FSK441 initial software setup

Software to keep PC clock set to WWV when using WSJT/FSK441

Dimension 4 sftwr.   (keeps your PC clock set to Universal Standard Time). I like this sftwr the best.

My Dimension 4 Setup Options Page

Fix for Dimension 4 Windows XP  users only

Fix for Dimension 4 software when using Windows XP. May also apply to Windows NT/2000 not sure.

Alternate Timing Idea's for WSJT for "EME,Tropo, and Meteor Scatter

Using GPS and other alternate timing idea's  for WSJT/JT44/FSK441 timing by K1SIX

Using  Tardis 2000 software  and a GPS for Time Sync

NMEA Time and a GPS for Time Sync

Software to know when Meteor Showers are + when is best time
to try with another station

I use TMSP by DL5BAC The Meteor Shower Predictor

Where to get a PC to Rig interface box

RIGblaster "HSMS/PSK31/RTTY/WSJT etc" rig to sound card interface unit

A Basic RS232 Serial Port keying circuit  to key your rig PTT

To fix com port troubles in Windows ME or Windows XP

Windows XP com port stuck in operate . Look here for the fix.

Windows ME com port stuck in xmit at boot up. Look here for 285894.Zip to fix the tbl
The .zip file contains a hotfix.txt file + 285894usam.exe file which is the fix.

To Fix Your Transmit Audio from being interrupted when online

(and you hit your refresh or the <back> <forward> buttons). The audio from the soundboard can be
interrupted momentarily (fraction of a second) causing your amplifier relays to chatter.  
This has been noticed with several windows versions.
Here is the fix .

How to adjust rig/sound card for WSJT/FSK441 operation

WSJT Personal Notes on Rig/Sftwr Setup and Trouble Shooting
Help and advise before your 1st WSJT/FSK441 sked +
Questions and Answers on this mode

Help and advise  for 1st time WSJT FSK441 users

Ping Jockey Web Page Etiquette by WA5UFH a "MUST READ"

Where to find people to run WSJT/FSK441 skeds

Ping Jockey Chat Server for real time skeds

WSJT/FSK441 flow chart what to send back when
& what is a valid contact

HSCW/WSJT Flow Chart (View On-Line+Download File).

Where to update your "callsign.txt" file in WSJT/FSK441

WSJT Registery by AA1YN

Where to ask questions if you need help or to converse about WSJT

HSMS Reflector "Look for E-Mail Reflectors" then SELECT [HSMS].

WSJT Group on

WSJT Board and Forum by DK5YA

Where to keep up with meteor showers and WSJT/FSK441
DXpeditions etc

HSMS "Hot News" by W8WN

WSJT (FSK441 and JT44) Standings Database  

144mhz WSJT Standings  link by WA4PGM

50mhz WSJT Standings  link by K1SIX

50mhz through 432mhz WSJT Standings  link by AA1YN

Look here on my web site for even more information
on meteor scatter and meteor web site's etc

More WSJT/FSK441 and High Speed CW information