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Fix for Dimension 4 software when using Windows XP.
This may also apply to Windows 2000 and Windows NT not sure.

If you run Windows XP you will find that Dimension 4 PC automatic time sync
will no longer work. It has a conflict with the SNTP ucb port that windows XP
uses for it's once a week time sync.

The once a week time sync feature is in control panel/date time.

Anyway here is how you turn the windows XP time sync off so Dimension 4 
will work normally.

                                     THE FIX

                    1. Go to Control Panel/Date and Time/Internet Time tab. 
                        Be sure "automatically synchronize with an internet time server" is NOT checked


                    2. Go To Control Panel/Admin Tools/Services

                    3. In services pick WINDOWS TIME . Right click for properties.
                        STARTUP TYPE change to DISABLE. Then click SERVICE STATUS =
     STOP. "NEXT click OK"

                                                Thats it! 

                     Note - Good idea to then re-boot PC and double check that the changes you made actually
                                 were saved correctly

FYI: This is the exe that would run normally for windows XP time sync.

                       C:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exe -k netsvcs

                       You can reverse the process anytime if you like. Of course if you do
                       Dimension 4 won't work again.