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A Way to Time Sync Your PC with A GPS
For WSJT etc. software

JT44 requires aprox 1.5 second timing accuracy to work.  Since I will be
on a  mountaintop this weekend, I needed a way to get Atomic Clock
accuracy without an internet connection.

I found an excellent app at called Tardis
2000.  It uses the standard internet time servers as well as any GPS
that supports NEMA output.  I'm using a Garmin EMAP and it works very
nicely.  This will be great for anyone who wants to try JT44 -- even
perhaps a rover who is stopped for the night in a good location who
wants to try some long-haul tropo.

Tardis is a networked app, and can serve as a time server, driving such
programs as AtomTime.  So if your a multiop and you have networked
connectivity, you can use it to time sync the entire network.

I'm still looking for anyone interested in trying a long-haul tropo
sked in the wee hours via JT44... anybody interested?  Let me know
and I'll stick it in between HSMS and EME skeds.

Gerry Hull, W1VE/VE1RM
One of the 144-MHz Ops at W2SZ/1, FN32jp Mt. Greylock, MA
The Mount Greylock Expeditionary Force,