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How To Get Started With WSJT/FSK441

You will need "WSJT software with latest upgrade" + "Dimension 4 Software" +
a "RigBlaster" or similar device

1. First off download the latest version of WSJT  software and install it.
It will normally install to c:\program files\wsjt directory

2. Next download "Dimension 4" software and install it.

3. Set Dimension 4 to update your PC clock about every 1-2 minutes .

4. Get a RigBlaster or similar device to hook your rig to your PC serial port.
Basically the PC serial port keys your rig. The PC sound card then sends xmit audio
to your Mic input via the sound card line-out. On recv you hook your rig spkr out to
your PC sound card line input.


In a nutshell that is it. Look on main WSJT/FSK441  page for where to get all this and how to
configure it.
This is just the very basic's on how it all works.