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Initial WSJT/FSK441 Software Setup

1. Start WSJT /FSK441 Software.

2. Click SETUP/SET COMM PORT and put in the serial port you are using.

3. Next click SETUP/OPTIONS

4. In options page put in
    MY CALL = your call sign
    GRID LOCATER = your 6 digit grid locator (Put in you grid like this EM84ak not EM84AK)
    UTC OFFSET = leave at zero (default) to have WSJT display local time, or put in your UTC
                                difference to have it display UTC time in WSJT software. Best to put in for UTC
                                time so the new JT44 mode moon tracking will work correctly. 
    TX MESSAGE FORMAT = for North America click on NA DEFAULTS
    TONE AMPLIFIERS = you can leave the A-B-C-D defaults at 1.000 if all 4 of your WSJT
                                tone levels put out the same power out. See here to test by using TUNE
                                A-B-C-D buttons on WSJT software below TX STOP button.
    FREQ MHZ = If you will be doing JT44 EME then you need to put in the freq mhz for the band you
                                you will be susing so that the WSJT/JT44 will display correct doppler etc for that band.

    AUDIO OUTPUT = You can select left-right-both which will allow you (depending on your setup) to not
                                have to hear your xmit audio while you are transmitting. You can just leave on "both" if
                                in doubt.
    Click DONE and exit options page  

5. Set your receive noise level to 0db in WSJT/FSK441 software. You normally use your rig ext spkr out
    to your sound card LINE IN.  In WSJT/FSK441 software click RECORD then STOP. Look at very
    bottom in the middle of WSJT software. It will tell you the receive noise level there. You can
    adjust it to 0db by your rig AF gain control, and also by WSJT  SETUP/ADJUST RX VOLUME CONTROL.
    Be sure in the mixer that your LINE IN is not muted and use the sliders there to adjust to get your 0db receive
    noise level.

6. Next you need to test to be sure you are not overdriving tour rig audio input. This can be controlled by your
    Mic Gain control ( if you are feeding your sound card output into rig mic input ) also can be adjusted by
SETUP/ADJUST TX VOLUME CONTROL if you are using a packet input to the rig. Also works
    if you are using the Mic input. Use the WAVE slider to adjust the TX gain. See also this information to know
    how to test to be sure you are not overdriving rig transmit audio. Also be sure you Mixer/ WAVE
does not have
    Mute box checked.

7. Now that the software is all setup you are ready to run a sked. To run a sked with a station you need to put
    in THEIR CALL SIGN in "To Radio" box, and Check or Un-Check "TX First" depending on if you are the
    Western most staion.  Check or Un-Check "Single Tone Msgs" depending on if the stations want to use the
    Single Tone function verses all Mutli-Tones for the sked. See this information .

8. Click on AUTO PERIOD OFF to change it to AUTO PERIOD ON to start running the sked. This will trigger
    the WSJT software to start the automatic T/R sequencing.

Please read this before your 1st sked, it may help answer many questions.

                                             WELCOME TO WSJT/FSK441