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One of the highlights of my six years in the US Navy was being a member of the Treasure Island Amateur Radio Club. Rather than having to get up at midnight to stand barracks watch, our duty was to stand radio watch at the base ham station, K6NCG. It was like Br'er Rabbit being thrown into the briar patch.

In February 1969, After completing Boot Camp and Basic Electricity and Electronics (BEEP) School in San Diego, I was stationed at Naval Station Treasure Island to attend ET "A" school. After graduating in December 1969, I got orders to the USS Ticonderoga CVS14. I returned to TI twice in 1970 to attend ET "C" school. First for the AN/SRC-20 (VHF/UHF Transceiver) and again for the AN/WRT2 (HF Transmitter).

After using this wonderful ham station for a while I became spoiled for life. You could work pretty much anything and anywhere. Legal limit power to four full-spaced elements on 20 meters at 110 feet above the bay looking out through the Golden Gate. It was a ham's dream come true.

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ca. 1955 Tnx Tom W0EAJ ca. 1969 - front ca. 1969 - back
1955 QSL 1955 QSL 1969 QSL back

I know there are more than just these two. If you have or are aware of other QSL styles please send me info, or better yet, send a scan. I'd like to make this more complete.

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Here is a nifty mobile site for information on the Pacific Unity Sculptures from the Golden Gate Exposition of 1939. Some of these statues were still in place at the Court of Pacifica around the Pacific Basin Fountain when I was there in 69-70. Scan this QR code with your phone (or just click it here):

QR code

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