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W5GFC  Morse Code Page

Though Morse code (CW) proficiency tests have been eliminated from FCC Amateur Radio license requirements there is still strong interest in becoming proficient at CW operation.

This page was created so as to help you in your  Morse code (CW) proficiency.


In the past, the most popular way to start out, was using audio tapes. 
These can be borrowed locally from W5GFC.

The ARRL is offering an excellent program on CD for studying code.  
It is called "Ham University--Extra and Morse Code Edition" CD for $24.95. 
The Order Number is 1048.

The ARRL store can be found at http://www.arrl.org/shop/Licensing-Education-and-Training/

The computer programs can be set up to drill you over and over on the characters you are having problems with. 

There are several free programs you can download off the Internet.

MorseCat can be found at,



Ham Academy and Morse Academy are available at this site,



Here is PA3BWK's Ultimate Morse Code WebSite.
This is a very good site for all Morse code related information.


For all you hams who are a little rusty, these programs are great for bringing your code speed back up to 20 or 30WPM, hi hi

This is an excellent site for learning code, it is called, 
K7QO's Internet Code Course.

Found at,


So now, there is no excuse, get busy and learn CW.


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