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2005 - 2006 Club Officers

President: Tom Cobb  KA4ADV
Vice President: Jim Moore WB7NWR
Secretary: Ken Carpenter W5KEC
Treasurer: Bill Harper KB4JKQ

Officers term runs from April 1 thru March 31.


Tom - KA4ADV

Jim - WB7NWR
Vice - Pres.

Bill - KB4JKQ

Ken - W5KEC


Membership Roster

Last Name First Name Call Class
Anderson, Paul N0ETF Gen.
Barnett, Bob W5RHL Gen.
Campbell, Ian WA5OFT Adv.
Carpenter, Connie W5CON Extra
Carpenter, Ken W5KEC Extra
Cobb, Tom KA4ADV Adv.
Duran, Charles N5CWD Extra
Harper, William KB4JKQ Gen.
Haynes, Nannette KJ5VO Extra
Haynes, Robert WB5YGI Extra
Hume, Lucille KC5UVU Tech
Jones, Jimmy KD5GMW Gen.
Moore, Shirley WB7SNX Extra
Moore, James WB7NWR Gen.
Morris, Bob K5REM Tech +
Nigh, Max N5MDJ Adv.
Rohrer, George KB6FO Extra
Smith, Cecelia N6RXM Tech +
Smith, T.D. KJ6IZ Adv.
Swanson, John WA5COR Extra
Troughton, Kathy KE4UYU Tech+
Troughton, Ben KU4AW Extra

Our membership period runs from April 1 thru March 31.
Dues are now $10.00 per year for 1 person or $15.00
per year for husband and wife, due by March 31.

Mail check to,

Bill Harper
650 Cliffview Dr.
Quitman, AR 72131

If you need more information, 
please E-mail Bill at,


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