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Field Day 2002

Object: To work as many stations as possible on any and all amateur bands (excluding the 30, 17 and 12-meter bands) and in doing so to learn to operate in abnormal situations in less than optimal conditions. A premium is placed on developing skills to meet the challenges of emergency preparedness as well as to acquaint the general public with the capabilities of Amateur Radio.

The date for Field Day 2002 is set for June 22-23, 2002.

Begins at, 1800 UTC Saturday, 22 June.

Ends at,    2100 UTC Sunday,  23 June.

goto,  ARRL Field Day for all the details on this event.

For rules, goto,  Field Day rules

                                                Field Day 2002

For this year, the Greers Ferry ARC held Field Day at the Diamond Bluff Airport located on top of Pryer Mountain with 1100' elev.

Raising one of the antenna's, just 11feet to go. 

Bob Barnett - W5RHL graciously offered his new hanger for the activities. It was large enough for three radio positions, along with chairs, tables, and barbecues, ect. with a rest room.
And it was large enough to keep us out of any bad weather, which didn't happen this year.

Map to, W5GFC Field Day site  

Sat morning we met at "Hot Off The Grill" coffee shop at  8:00 AM, had breakfast and then left for the site in time to start the Field Day activities. 
Map to, "Hot Off the Grill" coffee shop.

Dinner was held at 5:00PM promptly! "Why?" because that's when the BBQ was hot. You get it hot, "And They Will Come!"
Since everybody brought there own meat and cooked it themselves, 
we didn't receive one complaint that it wasn't cooked properly.
(why didn't we think of that before, hi hi)

As usual, W5GFC operated 3A AR, and made approximately 150 QSO's, including Canada, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Not bad at all considering the conditions of the bands were not very good. 

We sure hope we have a good turnout of enthusiastic operators for next years Field Day.

73's de Ken - W5KEC

  for more Field Day 2002 pics, 
goto, Photo Album page 2


Field Day 2001

Well again Greers Ferry ARC - W5GFC participated in Field Day. Our turnout was not as large as usual but the ones that participated had lots of fun and eat like kings. The weather was absolutely perfect.

Field Day 2001 was highlighted by Bob Barnett - W5RHL
bringing his Emergency Transporter.

  Consisting of a trailer filled with every conceivable radio/antenna combination. Most amateur, fire, police bands are covered in his setup. This is towed by his red Ford dully, complete with a 6.5 KW generator which supplied electricity for all the radios at Field Day. 

In the contest, W5GFC operated 3A AR as we have done before.

 As usual, we didn't come in last place.  The main thing about field day, is having fun and practicing emergency conditions.  
Meeting new and old amateurs both on and off the air is a bonus.

   "Fun" was again had by everyone at Field Day 2001.

Note: To see more Field Day 2002 photos,
goto, Photo Album page 2


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