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Digital Modes


One position at Field Day, W5GFC operates PSK31. Our first year, in 2000, W5GFC made 90 contacts including Israel, Poland and Mexico using only 50 watts. It is a teletype mode that uses a computer keyboard and soundcard.  By interfacing a radio to a computer, the power of a computer can be used to convert, digitally, text into radio waves and visa-versa.  Not only is it very powerful, but it is very efficient.  By using the radio/computer, low power (less then 50 watts) radio waves that would go by undetected can be captured and deciphered.  Very low power stations, QRP (less then 5 watts), have been working the world the last few years in this mode. Another advantage in this mode is bandwidth. As many as 40 PSK stations can operate in the same space (bandwidth), as one voice transmission.

To find out more about PSK, go to these links,

ARRL information page about PSK31

PSK31 HomePage



DigiPan software



   Another mode that is making a big hit in amateur radio is called MFSK. This mode is even more sensitive for weak signal work then PSK31. The tradeoff is a slower turnaround time for chatting and a wider bandwidth. But for weak signals, this mode is tops. Try these programs below.

HamScope - my personal preference for MFSK



SSTV (slow scan TV)

Here is another great mode for Amateur Radio. With it you can send pictures, even QSL cards over the radio. This mode has been getting more popular everyday, thanks to an article in the April QST.

Here is the MMSSTV website, (some say it's the best, and it's free)


Also ChromaPIX,



All Digital Modes

Digital Ham Net - great download page for digital modes


   A special thanks goes out to Paul Anderson - N0ETF for donating the computer to W5GFC without which we would have no PSK31.


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