The chesapeake amateur television society (CATS)

Located in the greater Baltimore, MD area, we feature two Amateur Television (ATV) repeaters..

club Officers

President: - vacant -

Vice President: - vacant -

Secretary: - vacant -

Treasurer: Rich N3MOB

Director - vacant - 


Join our club so that you can participate in this exciting segment of Amateur Radio. Send your annual $25 dues to CATS Treasurer Rich N3MOB (payable to Richard Moellmann). Membership is required in order to vote on any club matters (including elections) and to hold club office.  Our recent ZOOM meetings have had 20 participants and weekly nets usually have 10+ check-ins.

w3bab amateur television repeaters

Located north and south of Baltimore City, our ATV repeaters provide a great footprint of the area.  Go to our CATS Repeaters tab.


Besides weekly nets and monthly meetings, CATS members are big into experimenting and construction.  Recent projects are to exploit the exciting advantages of DVB-T television over traditional analog television  Use of the European digital television standards exceed the performance of the US ATSC standard for Amateur Television (ATV) activitites.

BRATS - Baltimore Radio Amateur Television SocietyThe Baltimore Radio Amateur Television Society (BRATS) also has an ATV repeater in the area.  Joint efforts occur to promote Amateur Television, particularly in digital television.

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