Img Fred K3TAZ at Towson ATV repeater

The Chesapeake Amateur television society (CATS)

"Hams should be seen as well as heard!" -- Dave KC3AM

We host two Amateur Television (ATV) repeaters in the Greater Baltimore, MD area.  Above, Fred K3TAZ at our Towson W3BAB ATV repeater site..

Latest Notes

  • DVB-T Activity continues

    August 16, 2021Ken K3UQQ and Fred K3TAZ report that the Towson ATV repeater is accepting DVB-T input in recent testing alongside the existing NTSC input on 434 mhz.  Please post any experiences. 
  • Monthly Meetings:

    August 16, 2021 Minutes of the monthly meetings are posted shortly after each meeting.  Meetings continue by Zoom since the National Electornics Museum is closed on our meeting dates of the second Saturday of the month..

Annual dues

Remember, one can only vote in elections or hold club officer positions if up to date on your annual membership.  Send your $25 check to Rich N3MOB (payable to Rich Moellmann).  Find him at QRZ.COM.