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Lots of fun times at WARA. I still remember Don WD6EDW and Mike N6ME working for hours on the first repeater. I think they worked for a few months to get it ready for the new sub band repeaters to go on line. The big day came and they got it on the air. Well, for a few hours seems the FCC had changed the start day that they could go on the air, so the repeater got turned off for a couple of days. Then when it went on the air the second time it was the first on the west coast maybe the country (Really 1st on the air even if it was illegal). Lots of good times at the meetings in Cerritos. Fun times at the Field Day site at Knott's, the 1st one I had gone to was on the east side of HWY 39 with all the chickens running around the site. Later the Field Day was moved to the parking lot west of Western Avenue. It had that site for a couple of years. Then it moved to the school yard just west of that parking lot. Still one of the best 2 meter repeaters around. Almost 40 years now. Glad the club got Mike call sign .... CQ CQ N6ME ... 5A ... Orange.

Field Day - June 1983

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