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The person who teaches and nurtures the neophyte ham radio operator. A mentor for Amateur Radio Operators. Almost all hams have had at least one Elmer in their Amateur Radio life. Many have had the privilege of being an Elmer to a new ham. The term "Elmer" (meaning someone who provides personal guidance and assistance to would-be hams) first appeared in QST in a March 1971 "How's DX" column by Rod Newkirk, W9BRD (now also VA3ZBB). Newkirk called them, "the unsung fathers of Amateur Radio." While he probably was not trying to coin a term at the time, here's how Newkirk introduced, "Elmer", in his column and, as it turned out, to the rest of the Amateur Radio world: "Too frequently one hears a sad story in this little nutshell: 'Oh, I almost got a ticket, too, but Elmer, W9XYZ, moved away and I kind of lost interest.'"

Newkirk went on to say, "We need those Elmers. All the Elmers, including the ham who took the most time and trouble to give you a push toward your license, are the birds who keep this great game young and fresh. By --- Rick Lindquist, N1RL

Freds two Elmers were Bud Whiteman ( W6VT SK ) and Ted Schumacher ( WB6LYK SK)

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