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HF6V Antenna

This project started after the City of Yorba Linda sent a notice that after 18 years my Hy-Tower vertical must be removed. So to put something up that did not require a conditional use permit that would be a minimum of about a thousand dollars and no guarantee that I would get it. I made the decision to put up something that would meet section A part of their ordinance. Something that is under 42 foot tall. Also that is 25 foot back from the rear property line. After a lot of looking and reading about different vertical antennas I picked the Butternut HF6V.

The assembly of the antenna is not bad if you follow the instructions. Does take a while to figure out how to assemble a couple of things. Also I did up grade a couple of things. Changed out pop rivets to real stainless hardware.

I added a couple of things to the antenna. First I added a DX Engineering Stainless Steel Radial Plate, and a 1 inch stainless steel pipe to mount the antenna base on. Second I added a DX Engineering Feedline Current Choke DXE-FCC050-H05-A .

I mounted 60 1 inch 1/4-20 bolts on to the radial plate. I used an anti-seize on the bolt, lock washers, and nut. Also added a couple of 1/4-20 bolts for the ground straps.

I worked on it as I had time. Took about 8 weeks to do this. I would guess total man hours were around 65 to 70 hours.

Didn't get all 60 radials in got about 50 in place.

The white fence around it is all PVC to keep grand kids and a tortoise out of the coils.

Stainless pipe

To mount the plate and main support piece I added a 1 inch piece of stainless pipe.

Support in place

Support piece in place.


Stainless Steel Radial Plate.

Plate in place

With plate mounted to post and ground rod installed.


Conduit run for feedline.

Radial plate

Installing the radials.



Weed guard

Antenna mounted and Weed Guard in place.

Weed plate in place

Weed Plate in place.

Feed PVC

Antenna Feed.

Radials in lawn

The radials in the lawn.


Feedline Current Choke.


FCC Cover.



Parts List:

  • Butternut HF6V
  • Feedline Current Choke
  • Stainless Steel Radial Plate
  • Stainless 1/4 - 20 Hardware
  • Stainless 8-32 and 10-32 Hardware
  • Many Feet of Orange and Yellow #12 Insulated Wire
  • Penetrox A-13
  • 30 foot 3/4 PVC and Couplers
  • Sprinkler Control Box
  • White PVC Fence
  • PL259 Connectors

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