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Silent Keys

Silent key - an amateur radio operator who is deceased. The term can be abbreviated 'SK', especially in morse code. The key in the term refers to a telegraph key, the instrument that all early amateur radio operators, as well as many contemporary amateur radio operators, have used to send Morse code. The term SK, used in telegraphy to indicate an end of transmission, is therefore also used to refer to any amateur radio operator who is deceased, regardless of whether or not they were known to have used a telegraph key or Morse code in their two-way personal communications.

Silent Keys

# Callsign Name Comment
1 W6VT Bud Whiteman Great CW person. Many years as a two radio technician in Orange County. His first call 6VT. Over the Hill Gang
2 W6ALO TommyJentges A great CW person. True gentleman. Also a good projectionist. Over the Hill Gang.
3 N6ME Mike Sahadi Sorry would take up a hundred web pages to tell the stories. Mike loved CW.
4 W6SYC Leroy Sparks My first radio contact on two meters. A technician for HP in Fullerton for years. A full radio repair shop in Santa Ana.
5 K6BBB Bob Gilbertson Lots of good times on VHF and UHF over the years. Bob was a charter member of DARC.
6 N6RJ Jim Rafferty HRO Anaheim Lot of good deals and good times with Jim. Also at WARA field day every year.
7 KØHWY Tex Beneke Many a good time at the Plaza Gardens Disneyland with Tex. Great, great, great person.
8 WB6MQS Greg "Scott" Mills Anaheim High Class of 1966.
9 KA6SOP Irv Lans The power man for WARA Field Days. Never met a generator he didn't like.
10 WA6UYB Dick Holmes WARA Good guy helped with many projects.
11 N6BVU Karl Pagel Member DARC Over the Hill Gang
12 WB6EFZ Herman Heidel Herman worked at Disneyland in the plumbing shop. Charter member of DARC.
13 W4XAA Tom "Tomcat" Kneitel Great writer, great magazines.
14 WA6X Robert "Waxie" Hammmer Many many hours on 146.445 with Waxie Over the Hill Gang
15 K6SV George Varvitsiotes HRO VP He was a technician, a salesman, a store manager.
16 WV6V Cam Burke Only got to work with Cam as a VE for a few times. Great person. His Club K6COV in Orange.
17 WD6EZE Rudy Bermudes Charter Member DARC
18 KK6KK aka W6LKO Bobbo WACKO Radio Club lots of good times in almost 40 years....
19 KB6UJW Wayne Barringer Lots of good times at HRO with Wayne ... "Semper Fi"
20 K6OHM John Thompson With out Johns help never would have been a Disneyland ARC ... Lots of good times at HRO.
21 W6RJ Robert "Bob" G. Ferrero Sr. Founder of Ham Radio Outlet

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