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Bruce Richards
US Army From Jan 1960 to Feb 1982

This is a rough summary of my US Army assignments from my Enlistment in December 1959 to my Retirement in February 1982.

(Click on the below patchs for links to the major command)

 Jan  1960     Basic Training      Ft Knox      KY  USATCA  F-8-3 
 Mar  1960     1st Armor Regiment  Ft Knox      Ky  USATCA
 Sep  1960  17th Trns & Happy/Dragon Valley     SK  7th Inf Div Camp Casey & Camp Kaiser
 Sep  1961    Airborne Test Board  Ft Bragg     NC  A&E Test Board
 Jan  1962-63 Automotive School    Ft Knox      KY  USATCA  C-6-2
 Jun  1963    37th Trans Group     France           USAEUR 77th Trans Co
 Jan  1964-66 106th Trans Bn       Germany          USAEUR 598th Trans Co 
 Jun  1966    585th Trans          Ft Lewis     Wa  4th Inf Div
 Sep  1966-67 8th Trans Gp         Vietnam          Support Command  101st Airborne Div 5th Special Forces 585th Trans
 Sep  1967    Infantry Trng Ctr    Ft Benning   GA  I am The Infantry
 Nov  1967-69 1st Tng Bde          Ft Sill      OK  
 Jun  1969-70 D Co - 4th Maint Bn  Rep of Korea     21st Direct Support Command Cp Stanley & Cp St Barbara
 Nov  1970-71 190th HEM            Ft Hood      TX  
 Sep  1971-74 66th Main Bn         Germany          21st Support Command 48th Maint Co
 Sep  1974-78 101st Airborne       Ft Campbell  KY  101st Airborne Div 801st Maint Bn
 Jul  1978-79 HQ Garrison, TMP     Rep of Korea     19th Support Camp Humphreys
 Jul  1979-81 101st Airborne       Ft Campbell  KY  101st Airborne Div  326th Eng Bn
 May  1981-82 A Co 304th Sig Bn    Rep of Korea     304th Sig Bn  Cp Red Cloud & Cp Colbern
 Feb  1982    101st Airborne       Ft Campbell  KY  101st Airborne Div  Hq Company 101st, "Retired"

For you guys that served in Korea late 60s, early 70s.

Final update on HR 299 from 7th ID Camp Casey & DMZ veteran Gene Clarke. President Donald Trump signed the bill. The bill moves the start date for presumption of exposure to Agent Orange in and near the Korean DMZ to 1 September 1967. That will make about 7,000 more Korea DMZ vets (about half from the 2ID) eligible for the presumption of exposure to AO. It looks like the effective date is 1 January 2020.

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