Happy Valley / Dragon Valley

Camp Casey Korea

Picture taken from above Pomeroy Range

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Happy Valley/Dragon Valley was first occupied in 1957 by the newly formed 17th Transportation Bn. The 17th remained in the Valley till late 1963, when they were merged with the 7th QM, and formed the new 7th S&T Bn, and relocated.

Next was the 2/31 Infantry, which moved from Camp Kaiser to Happy Valley in Jan 1965. The 2/31 Infantry remained in Happy Valley till 1971 when the 7th Infantry Division was Deactivated.

On Feb 15th 1971, the 1-72 Armor moved into what was renamed Dragon Valley when the 2nd ID took over Camp Casey.

The 1/72nd move from Cp Rose to Cp Casey

This is the fine living conditions we had.
I think they were 1 notch above a large tent.

When I arrived in September 1960, our Quonset Huts had plywood floors. I remember each Squad removing the plywood floors, and mixing our own cement, and redoing the floors. It sure made things better. The rats could not chew through the cement. :) I remember my Squad Leader was Cpl Ortez, or Ortega, and my Plt Sgt was SFC Robinson, who loved Vat69 Scotch and milk, but I have no idea what I had for Lunch yesterday.

This was taken after I had departed.


When the 17th Transportation Bn was 1st formed in 1957, it had a mixture of types of vehicles. An example is B Company only recieved 2 APC's. The mech's. finally got one of them to run so drove it to B. Co. up on the hill and parked it across from the mess hall. B Co had 3 1957 Chev. Station Wagons, 2 4dr 1956 Sedans, about 6 3/4 ton veh. 15 2 1/2 ton trks. 3 jeeps, and about 10 school busses.

In 1960 A Company 17th Trans Bn had M211 2 1/2 ton trucks, while B and C Company had M75 APC. These were all used to provide transportation to the 7th Inf Division units. Some time in 1961, the M75's were replaced with the new M113 APC's.

One of A Company's M211 2 1/2 GMC Trucks

The 2/31st Inf moved from Camp Kaiser to Happy Valley, on Camp Casey, in Jan 1965. These were taken in 1967. In April 1971, the 2/31 Inf departed Korea with there parent unit, the 7th Inf Division

Pictures below provided by
David Richardson and Dean Lambert
2/31 Infantry 1967-68

Pictures of 2/31 on "The Z"

The 1st Bn 72nd Armor moved into Happy Valley on Feb 15th 1971, after the 2/31 departed when the 7th Inf Div was Deactivated

This is where Happy Valley / Dragon Valley is located

(Happy Valley viewed from the pistol range now)

Some 2008 Pictures of The Valley

While I was in Korea the 1st time in 60-61 at Camp Casey, we had a Brutal Winter. We were in the non insulated Quonset Huts with the diesel heaters, and had a small half walled room at the end for our Squad Leader.

During a extreme cold snap of several days of -20 day time highs, we had a very hard time staying warm at night, and with the heaters turned up full, we all still slept in our sleeping bags. Each morning our Squad leader would come out and holler Rise and Shine... On this one morning he came out trying to holler, but nobody could understand him. We all knew what he was trying to say, so started getting up.

A few minutes latter, he came back out of his room holding a glass with his false teeth in it, frozen. He didn't seem to like our laughter. The Quonset was very cold, but with his room blocking some of the heat, and more cold coming in around his window, his area was extra cold.

The next few nights he moved his bunk out into the Squad area.

We latter learned that we could add a quart of gas to 5 gallons of diesel , and it would increase the heat output greatly, plus prevent it from sooting up. The Memories. :)

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