La Rochelle France

This is a map of the La Rochelle area from 1958

The Harbor and City Water Front

Harbor Entrance. Large vessels use Lapallice Harbor

Another view of La Rochelle Harbor

Close up of the Towers

Typical Pleasure Boats in the Harbor

Those streets are sure narrow.

Lapallice Light House

The New Lapalice Submarine Center

Pre WWll View

Prisoners building the Sub Bunker

The Sub Den during WWll

Lapallice Harbor Customs Building

The bridge now going to Ile de Re. This was built in 1988. The bridge has 2 regular lanes, and also 2 bicycle only lanes. The bridge is 2.9 KM long. A Ferry Boat can still be taken to the island also.

Recent Picture of La Pallice

Old Pictures of the La Palice Area

A Plane crashed into a building at Laleu in WWll

Prison Camp at La pallice During WWl

Army Troops in La Rochelle in WW1

German POWs at La pallice

Early 1900s picture near the dock area

The Queen Elizabeth 2 at La Pallice

Jeumont Kaserne is circled.

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La Pallice Port Area 2009

Traffic headed out to Ile De Re on the new Bridge

The Ferry that we used back then can still be taken also

Sailing near Ile De Re

Shopping in one of the villages on the Island

One of the villages on the island

A train on the island in the late 1800s

This is St Martin de Ré, Located on the Ile de Re

The US Army's Mission in La Rochelle

NODEX Pictures

WW2 Recon Pictures of Sub Pens at La Pallice

Army Kaserne's at La Rochelle

More Recent Pictures of La Rochelle

Misc Pictures in La Rochelle

Pictures on Jeumont 2002 to Present

Pictures of Jeumont in the 60s

11th Trans Termanal Command

77th Trans Company

Film about La Rochelle from 1944-1945

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