Cp Kaiser

Camp Kaiser Korea

l952 - 15 Nov l970

Camp Kaiser Gate

Camp Kaiser Gate Sign

Guards at the Cp Kaiser Gate

The Rear Gate at Camp Kaiser

HHC 1st Bn, 17th Inf Reg, 7th Inf Div

Church at Cp Kaiser

Jim Macnab at the Cp Kaiser Film Library

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Where Camp Kaiser was located.

Cp Kaiser and Unchon-ni, now called Uncheon City

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This is provided by Jim Wirch, who was at Cp Kaiser in 1970.

Unchon-ni, now called Uncheon (2005)

10th Cav Tank on DMZ Patrol

Watkins Range is still in use

A Monument in NK just North of Unchon-ni

Click above image to see a wide view of the Northern area

This is a recent picture of the gate at the ROK Camp
that is now where Camp Kaiser was till Nov 1970

The training area in use recently at Uncheon

Marines at the training area

Two Stars and Strips Stories about the Camp and Village

June 1968 News Paper

This should help on some of the Agent Orange Claims.

Chinese Tunnel

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Camp Kaiser Korea 1952-57

Camp Kaiser Korea 1958-61

Camp Kaiser Korea 1961-64

Camp Kaiser Korea 1964-65

Camp Kaiser Korea 1966-70

The History of Camp Kaiser Korea


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I was TDY to Kaiser from Casey for 3 months as a Truck Driver.

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