4th Ord/Mnt BN
Korea 1950-1975

The 4th Ord Bn was located at Ft Meade Md prior to the Korean War. The 4th Ordnance Bn was in every phase of the Korean War. The 4th was under the 60th Ordnance Group during the war. The Companies under the 4th were,
The 538th Engeneer Maintenance Company, the 2nd Ord Company, the 5th Ord Company, the 107th Ord Company, later the 17th Ord Company, the 21st Ord Company, and the 44th Ord Depot.

The 4th Ord Bn was located about 3 miles north of Tongduchon. Tongduchon (TDC) is accross the road from where Camp Casy is now located. Here is where it was near the end of the War.

After the Armistice, the 4th Hq was relocated to UiJongBu, while its Companies were located in other areas.

Pictures of the 4th Ord from the 50's

Picture of where the 4th Ord was located in the late part of the War

4th Ord Bn Hq

The 4th Maintenance Bn moved to Camp Red Cloud

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D Co 4th Maint Bn.

D Co 4th Maint Bn. History

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