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Welcome to my world of Ham radio. 

People who pursue the hobby of using a personal radio station to communicate, purely for non-commercial purposes, with other radio hobbyists call it Ham radio or Amateur Radio.

Amateur Radio communicationís primary aims are technical training,  experimentation and public service.

Amateur Radio operators are commonly called hams. Hams often communicate with each other recreationally but also provide communications for others at public events or in times of emergency or disaster.

Amateur radio is a fascinating hobby which enables millions worldwide to communicate with each other by many different means (modes).


First licensed (Grade-II) in 1983, later upgraded to Advanced in 1993, I'm mainly into homebrewing HF and Digital equipment. Many ideas are taken from the Internet, ARRL books, magazines etc and I don't claim originality in the code and/ or the circuit ideas found here. The PCBs (layout etc) are completely my own work - using Protel  and CircuitMaker. I normally use pre-sensitized copper-clad boards and UV exposure method for artwork transfer.




Some of my current homebrew projects are:

  • IF Filter using 4.9152MHz xtals. Circuit design was taken from here

  • An IF board for my new HF rig. This is a complete kit from here

  • One more DDS - similar to my existing 16F628/ AD9851 homebrew, and this is for my new HF rig. The schematics can be found here

Project/s completed but web page not updated:

  • 50 MHz Frequency counter using a 16F84. PCB design is homebrew and the circuit idea is from PICList. I'll post some of the pictures once I update my site.




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