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Solid State 300W HF linear amplifier

This module is capable of giving an o/p of 300W and was probably a part of a commercial 1KW amp.

I got this module as a gift from a  good friend, VU2PEP, oldman 'Paddy' in Hyderabad few years back. A solid 100W is conveniently possible with a nominal input of less than 10W, making it very useful as the station 'QRO' for any homebrew  QRP.

The entire module is mounted on a (real heavy) heat sink. The only additional circuitry required are for a 15 to 20 Amp power supply and low pass filters for the band/s of interest.

I have only completed preliminary tests at low power on dummy load and it looks promising. Since the schematics were not available, I've managed to trace the PCB & draw everything from scratch, though quite a few details are missing, I hope to complete it soon.

Eventually this linear is intended as a boot for my GE524 HF 'manpack'.