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My ICOM VHF rig - IC-V68 with speaker phone and 5/8th collinear 2 mtr antenna.

The IC-V68 is a tough, rugged VHF portable transceiver featuring many functions & facilities not found on equipment in the same price range. Manufactured as a budget-price commercial radio, the IC-V68 is extremely versatile enabling it to be used on simple single channel, low-user networks right up to multi-channel, multi-user systems.

Features of IC-V68:

  • 136-174MHz frequency range.

  • Up to 5W output power.

  • 25kHz channel spacing.

  • 40 channel memory.

  • Vast array of accessories.

  • Selective calling facilities using DTMF.

  • DTMF keypad & memory allowing manual & automatic DTMF transmission .

  • Large clear LCD display indicating either operating frequency or channel no.

  • Optional voice scrambler for secure communications.


This rig has the facility for plugging in an optional battery compartment/ box with built in charging circuitry that accommodates ordinary or rechargeable AA (x 6) batteries. Input can be 12 to 15 Volts DC.

Though the rig is very reasonably priced and quite rugged, useful features like  'S' meter and  'reverse' button are not available.

All functions are programmable with option to set TX and RX frequency from 100 to 199MHz depending on the local frequency allocation rules & regulations.