Hi! I'm Gwen - welcome to my place on the Internet. My QTH is in the city of Melbourne which is the capital of Victoria (VK3) in Australia. I have been licensed since 1980 and during that time have been very active with the callsigns of VK3PGT, VK3KYL, VK3DYL, AX9YL (Norfolk Is.), VK9YL (Lord Howe Is.), ZK1XYL (South Cook), VK9XYL (Christmas Is) and VK9CYL (Cocos - Keeling Is).

Currently I have all 335 DXCC entities confirmed, so until a new island/rock/reef is discovered I am concentrating on working YL countries.

After my OM, Tom, VK3KFW, became a S.K. in 1987, I combined my two favourite hobbies of radio and travel. Please click on the links below and come with me on some of my trips and meet some of my friends. Enjoy!!!!!

QTH and Family

1988 W3/

1992 KL7/

1995 VE8/

1996 VK6/

1997 VO2/

1998 JW/

1999 VK4/

2000 VK9N/

2001 VK0/AM

2002 IT9/

2002 VK9L/

2002 ZK1/

2003 VK9XYL

2003 VK9CYL

QTH and Family 2004

2004 HL/

2005 YJ0YL

2005 A35YL

2006 VU


2007 Aircruising Northern Australia



2008 ZS





The current time and temperature in Melbourne

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