2000 - VK9N/

The International YL 2000 Meet was held in Hamilton, New Zealand, where 104 YLs and 53 OMs enjoyed a few days of meetings, socialising and sightseeing. A few of us met up in Auckland and visited the Bay of Islands for a few days before heading to Hamilton. Per usual we wined and dined and took lots of photos of each other on every possible occasion and swapped lots of information.

Trips took us to The Horse Magic Show, the Farm Show, the Tamaki Maori Village, Hidden Valley (lots of geysers and bubbling mud), the Huka Falls, the Luge ride in Rotorua (in the pouring rain) and the Waitomo Glow Worm Caves, just to name some.

By the end of the Meet it was raining as though it would never stop so a group of 18 of us were very happy to say a big "thank you" to the ZL YLs and to board a plane to Norfolk Island where it was WARM and SUNNY!

We had arranged for the callsign AX9YL, so set up our station/s at Aunt Em's Guest House where we used the adjacent palmtrees to hold up various dipoles. We "took over" the enclosed verandah and settled down to enjoy our stay. The sky was blue, the grass was green, the views superb, the duty free shopping great, and we managed to avoid hitting any of the numerous cows on the road - they had right of way and there was a $200 fine if you hit one in your hired car! But most importantly, the DX came rolling in. The world soon knew we were on the island - Elizabeth, VE7YL dealt with the CW dogpiles while June, VK4SJ, lost her voice with most of the SSB pile-ups. Mio, JR3MVF kept the JAs happy during the couple of days she was with us, while the rest of us grabbed a mike whenever it was free. It was a great week and we logged 3,449 contacts into 117 different countries. The only problem was that the ship bringing a vertical antenna to us from NZ couldn't unload it for 3 days because of heavy swells We were very frustrated seeing the ship (and our antenna) sitting just out of reach of the shore! What with wining, dining, shopping and sightseeing, we all had a great time and were sorry to leave the island. Plans are now afoot for another YL mini-DXpedition - may it be as successful!

Raija SM0HNV, Nori 7K3EOP, Eine SM0UQW, Elizabeth VE7YL, Unni LA6RHA, DYL

Ruth LA6ZH and Christine VK5CTY

The Hidden Valley - geysers and bubbling mud

Inger OZ7AGR on the sheep's back

The Chief of Tamaki Village welcomes us

Unni LA6RHA rides the Luge in Rotorua


The Shack l to r: June VK4SJ, Elizabeth VE7YL, Ella G0FIP, "Tea Lady" Doug VK4BP

June VK4SJ

Maya OH1MK, Birgitta SM0FIB, Raija SM0HNV, (seated) Eine SM0UQW

Ella G0FIP

Elizabeth VE7YL works our 100th country

Mio JR3MVF and Unni LA6RHA

Norfolk view


Norfolk view

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