1988 - W3/

In 1988 I took my first trip Stateside to visit my good YL friends in Pennsylvania, Lois WB3EFQ, Ruthanna WB3CQN and Mary Ann WA3HUP. We had spoken on air for a few years so it was great to have an "eyelash" contact. They took me to lots of interesting places including the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C., where I saw Lindberg's little "Spirit of St. Louis" in which he crossed the Atlantic in 1927; the Pennsylvania Dutch country where the Amish folk live in 18th century conditions; Three Mile Island, the site of a reactor scare in 1979; Arlington National Cemetery; the Hershey Chocolate Factory and old Bedford Village where I dropped in to the local pub!

On my way back home I stopped off in Chicago to stay a weekend with Bill, N9US, and family who took me to the top of the Sears Tower, and then on to San Francisco where Ross, WB6GFJ, and parents put me up for a few days. Ross drove me down to Monteray, across the Golden Gate Bridge and down the famous zig-zagging Lombard Steet, whilst Elfy, N6DOC, and Sue KA6SOC, took me to see the giant redwoods and sample the delights of the Californian wine country.

Lois, DYL, Ruthanna and Mary Ann meet up in Baltimore

An early morning QSO in Lois's (WB3EFQ) shack

In a local pub

An Amish village

Golden Gate Bridge

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