1999 - VK4/

The Sixth ALARAMEET was held in Brisbane with 73 in attendance - 42 YLs and 31 OMs. This included 29 visitors from overseas. A lot of noise, laughter, chatter and hugs were continuous for a few days. We wined and dined at different venues each evening, went on a couple of river cruises and saw the city lights from Mt. Coot-tha. We also managed to fit in some official ALARA business in between having fun!

The trip some of us will remember most was by catamaran to St. Helena Island which used to be a prison notorious for its cruelty. A guide showed us round the island and staged a fake flogging, and then the elements got involved with a sudden tropical thunderstorm just as the tour was concluding. By the time we had battled our way back along the causeway and up the pier to the boat we were all drenched to the skin as we fought against strong winds, rain and hail. Boy, were we a sorry sight with dripping hair, saturated clothing and squelching sneakers but we still retained our collective sense of humour!

After lots of fond farewells, Biny ZL2AZY and Mervyn ZL2AVY drove Raija SM0HNV and myself up to Fox Mountain Lodge, a guesthouse run by Rick, VK4HF and Julie. Raija and I stayed there for a few days, going out on interesting day trips to the Coloured Sands and the Glasshouse Mountains. We were taken to meet a local celebrity, "Elvis Parsley of Grapeland" who got Raija to jive with him to some of Elvis's records. In between , we played radio from Rick's "attic" shack and worked the world.

I then headed to the QTH of June VK4SJ and Doug VK4BP (plus Beau) near Caloundra for a few enjoyable days during which we again played radio and worked on our plans for our DXpedition to Norfolk Island the following year. I was also able to catch up with my 2 "long lost" cousins at Maroochydore before returning home.

Birthday cake

Flogging a prisoner

Drowned rats

The Coloured Sands

Raija SM0HNV, Biny ZL2AZY, DYL in Rick's shack

Raija with Elvis Parsley

The Glasshouse Mountains

A contented Beau

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