1995 - VE8/

In 1995 I went up to the Northwest Territories of Canada to dip my big toe in the Arctic Ocean. Firstly, however, I visited the Yukon then Skagway, Alaska, to absorb the history of the most incredible gold rush the world has ever known and to watch the Musical Ride performed by the Canadian Mounties. Then it was north to Inuvik, 120 miles above the Arctic Circle to attend a local Art and Craft festival and meet up with John, VE8EV, from whose shack I worked back into the 222 YL Net. From Inuvik I flew in a small float plane to Herschel Island, skimming low over musk-ox and caribou, then still further north to visit Tuktoyaktuk (Tuk for short).

Whilst in the Western Arctic I flew to Cambridge Bay on Victoria Island on the shores of the Northwest Passage - I have never seen such a desolate place, no trees or bushes growing on the tundra. However, I met up with Ken, VE8KM, who let me check into the 222 Net (again) and who then took me exploring on the back of his 4-Trak all-terrain vehicle. I was petrified!!! I climbed Mt. Pelly, the only "hill" on the island from where I could look for miles across the flat tundra and where, just for luck, I added "my" stone to the Inukshuk on the top.

Back south again, the Canadian Rockies were lovely - snowcapped mountains, beautiful blue/green lakes, hanging glaciers, black bears, the Athabasca Glacier, Banff and my favourite spot, Lake Louise and its Chateau.

In Vancouver I met for the first time Elizabeth, VE7YL, little knowing that we were to meet up again quite a few times in different parts of the world!

Toe dipping in the Arctic

The Mounties' Musical Ride


A street in Cambridge Bay

DYL driving Ken's 4-Trak

An Inukshuk on Mt. Pelly

The Rocky Mountains

Lake Louise

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