QTH and Family



This is an update of my QTH and Family as at November, 2004.


My QTH remains the same in the suburb of Melbourne, Mt. Waverley, about 20 km south-east of the city.   The guys from my radio club erected a 40’ tower in my back yard, cleaned up the TH3 and added a WARC band rotary dipole and VHF and UHF antennas.  In the shack, the TS430 has been replaced by a TS2000, and the computer upgraded.  The VK3DYL QSL card has been redone.


Part-time cat, Echo, still visits but my lovely Samoyed dog, Rocky, went up to Doggy Heaven a few months ago and his place has been taken by another Samoyed, 3-year old Effie, who currently is a bundle of energy.


Son David, VK3UR, is now happily married to Katie and they live in Ballarat, about 2 hours’ drive north-west from here where David works for Rural Ambulance Victoria.


I am very grateful to the guys who have helped with this web page, particularly David/VK3UR and Peter/VK3DI.   Without their assistance this page would not exist.


Click here to see the recent photos of my QTH and Family.



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