November 11, 1999, Remembrance Day

Annual Wireless Set No. 19 Activities

By Reed Park, VE1NU

Greetings fellow Vintage Gear enthusiasts!

This was the 5th annual Wireless Set No. 19 special event station by VE1NU.
I am very happy to report that it was also the BEST year ever for number of contacts.

I suspect that it had a lot of success because VA3ORP, Dave, had organized activity for the same date and time as I did.

(Note: Dave advises:'Of particular note should be the QSO between Vic, W1NU in Fairfield, Connecticut, and myself at about 1630Z. We worked W.S. No. 18 (I say again W.S. No.18) to W.S. No. 19 over a distance of about 450 KM!!! This has to be some kind of a record!')

We were supposed to get together for a joint exercise, but all the strong stations at my end of Canada over ran any signals from Dave's area.

I heard far more 19 sets on the air at one time than ever before, including the 1950's when I was first introduced to the radio in the #1813 Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps. in Cranbrook, B.C..

In 1995, I had decided to put the 19 set on the air and issue colour certificates and QSL cards for those brave enough to have a 2-way CW contact with it.

It was done as my celebration for the 50th anniversary of the end of W.W. 2. I had so much fun, that we decided to do it again and again.

The 19 set was the main rig in use, with a second operator, VE1AIR, Jack, using my IC-730 to keep an eye on me as far as frequency and code copy ability.

The 19 set used the 40 meter dipole, and the IC-730 used the 40 meter quarter wave vertical for receive purposes only. Many thanks Jack, you kept me honest.

Anyway, on to the log book of the event as I saw it from Dieppe, New Brunswick on November 11th 1999.

1345 Z - Turned on the Mk III, Ser. No. C-75679 for a 15-minute warm-up.

1400 Z - Was about to call VE1AIR (the other half of the team here) when right on the nose I heard Jack calling me. Exchanged RST then I shut down to go get him in the car. He was the 2nd operator for this event and was without transport.

1503 Z - Worked VE1XW

1515 Z - Worked VE9MSR

1513 Z - Worked VE9MSC

1515 Z - Worked VE1EV

(Everything was off to a great start. Four contacts already. Rig and operator functioning just fine.)

1516 Z - Exchanged RST with VE2SO, Cam in Chicoutimi P.Q. At last, some DX.

1530 Z - VE1ANK came on frequency and asked if I was using the 19 set. (as if he couldn't tell by the melodious chirping)

1537 Z - VE9GM wished us good luck and have fun. (TKS Glen)

1545 Z - VE1BSQ in Dartmouth NS exchanged RST (at last, DX in the other direction)

1551 Z - VE9FT in Cocagne NB (took time away from the puppies to work us)

1553 Z - VE1ELM in Elmsdale NS (Same time next year Gerry ?)

1559 Z - VE1PJS in Truro NS (faithful Truro contact, thanks Peter)

1603 Z - VE1SWR also in Truro (another faithful Truro contact, TKS Ann)

It was here that I was interrupted by the twisted pair. It was a ham in Newfoundland asking if I could not hear him. He had been calling for 30 minutes and couldn't get through. I recognized the voice and after promising he would be next, hung up.

1610 Z - I called VO1VM and the pile up stood by and there was Vern, 599 from the rock. Sorry Vern, there were far too many locals. Thanks for the phone call, (and the QSO) it worked.


1618 Z - VE1KOI in Shubenacadie NS (thanks Tony)

1635 Z - VE3HJI was heard very weakly at 369. Locals sure can create hell on a piece of vintage gear. (Sorry Jack)

1642 Z - VE1SWR (second contact)

1648 Z - VE9HC. When I mentioned the 19 set still worked, he replied 'they were built to take it'. (and take it, and take it)

1658 Z - VE1WMW in Lantz NS mentioned it was good to hear us again and was looking forward to next years contact. (me too)

1708 Z - VE1WG mentioned my wobbly signal, but since I was using such a fine piece of vintage gear, it was allowed. (hi)

1717 Z - VE1KE mentioned he cut his teeth in the signal corp. with the 19 set. (didn't a lot of us Floyd, when we still had teeth.)

1723 Z - VE9MA exchanged RST and well wishes for more contacts for us. (thanks Warren)

1749 Z - VE1DWA was another Truro station. Thanks Dave. Lots of Truro contacts.

1800 Z - VE3RCS (operated by Dave, VA3ORP) could be heard calling me. Gave him a 479 then he said he will try his 19 set. Signals dropped to 338, and for almost 20 minutes we tried to exchange Ser. No. but I just couldn't get his. I did copy that Dave was using a WS 19 Mk 3, and 'C96' was all I could drag out of the noise and QRM Dave. I will have to do it again for the Vintage Contact.

1819 Z - VE9TM came on locally and drowned any further attempt out.

1827 Z - VE9ML (local CW instructor for the Seniors Club) came on frequency

1833 Z - Heard VA3RCS again, away down in the noise. No contact

1849 Z - No response from CQ's, so we decided to shut down.

2306 Z - VE1RFC phoned to ask if we could fire the beast up again for one more contact. We did, and had the last for the 5th annual November 11th W.S. #19 annual event.

Grand total of 27 contacts this year. Fantastic.
My thanks to everyone who contacted me. My apologies to those who called but were unable to make a 2-way. Maybe next year.

Looking forward to the 2000 contacts for the 19 Set Group. Maybe by next November my CW will be much better after getting some much needed practice.

73 and 88!

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