November 11, 2001, Remembrance Day

Annual Wireless Set No. 19 Activities

By Reed Park, VE1NU

This is the 7th annual Wireless Set Number 19 event for VE1NU.

0900 local time, the switch was thrown to activate the 19 set. After 30 minutes
of warm up to stabilize the oscillator and the operator it was on the air with
a few "V V V" transmissions to make sure things were working. Well, on the air
into a dummy load so I could get it on 7.020 MHz without swishing through
someone's QSO. The RA6778C was attached to the 40 meter vertical so I could keep
the 19 set honest as far as frequency was concerned. The 19 set was attached to
the 40 meter inverted "V" and on the air we went. My first sked was with VE3BDB
but never did hear Bob at any time, so here is a list of who, when and where the
stations are that I did contact.

Z = Zulu or UTC time

#	Call		Time		Name		Location

01	VO1VM		1340 Z		Vern		Trepassy  NF
02	VE1AIR		1346 Z		Jack		Riverview NB
03	W1HIS		1401 Z		Chuck		Belmont MA
04	W1NU		1411 Z		Vic		Fairfield CT
05	VE9GM		1422 Z		Glen		Riverview NB

(slight pause to go pick up the second operator)

06	VE9FT		1527 Z		Frank		Cocagne	NB
07	VE1XW		1536 Z		Bob		Moncton NB
08	VE9MSC		1541 Z		Bob		Moncton NB
09	VE9WX		1547 Z		Dale		Riverview NB
10	VE9GG		1558 Z		George		Moncton	NB
11	VE9NB		1602 Z		John		Riverview NB
12	VE9IZ		1609 Z		Doug		Moncton	NB
13	VE1AWJ		1618 Z		Laurie		Moncton NB
14	VE9MA		1624 Z		Warren		Moncton NB
15	VE9MM		1647 Z		Gord		Riverview NB
16	VE1EV		1707 Z		Bob		Moncton	NB
17	VE1RV		1713 Z		Roger		Shediac	NB
18	VE2QA		1730 Z		Lee		Pointe a La Garde PQ
19	VA3ORP		1735 Z		Dave		Inverary ON

(another pause to let the operator and the rig cool down)

20	VE3RCS		1903 Z		Jimmy		Kingston ON
21	W1GDZ		1919 Z		Joe		Fairfield CT
22	VE3CBK		2133 Z		Chris		Kanata ON
23	VE9MSR		2144 Z		Bob		Moncton	NB
24	VE1LV		2152 Z		Hal		Truro NS

This was the 7th year in a row that we have operated the W.S. number 19 Mk III on November 11th. Hard to believe that something built so long ago has been able to function so well for so long with so little maintenance. Last year we put in a new 807 and on November 7th - 1991 replaced C32A in the dynamotor supply. This year we are using a modified Heathkit HP-23 power supply to run the radio. Amazing what I can hear now without all the dynamotor noise. The RACAL receiver was used to make sure we stayed on or near 7.020 MHz. All signals were copied using the 19 set. The second operator, Jack - VE1AIR manned the RACAL and kept the log book. My very understanding wife Claudia kept the coffee pot (and our cups) full and brought snacks, as well as fending off any phone calls. My heart felt thank you to all those that I did work this year. To those of you that I didn't, all I can say is "sorry" but there is always next year. Who knows, maybe I will even be able to better my limited CW skills for next year. As always, please don't reply faster than I am sending as CW has never been a strong point with me. Even after almost 40 years of hamming. Certificates and QSL cards were all mailed, and most have confirmed the reception of same. 7 3 to all Reed - VE1NU