November 11, 2005, Remembrance Day

Annual Wireless Set No. 19 Activities

By Reed Park, VE1NU

This is the 11th annual Wireless Set Number 19 event for VE1NU.

It looked like it was going to be a bust, as the radio didn't work on November 9th, and the Morse key was still somewhere in the many dozens and dozens of unopened cardboard boxes from my move. 

Anyway, finally found enough parts and accessories and things to get on the air.  As it turned out, I am very glad I did, as this was the best year yet with a grand total of 27 stations exchanging RST reports. 

I kind of had an early confirmation that it was going to be good because I fired up the old girl at 0830 local time to give it a chance to warm up and hopefully stabilize as far as frequency drift was concerned, and at 0855 AST after my first CQ, back came VA3ORP and almost knocked my headphones off. I gave him a 5-9-9 and got back a 5-5-N. Great I said to myself. It's going to be a fantastic day.  

The first contact was followed by a nice contact with W1NU with his 19 set Mk 2.Believe it or not, we exchanged 5-9-9 each way. What a day it was going to befor sure. I misunderstood Vic when he mentioned his paraset radio. I thought he was mentioning we should try them someday. Sorry about that Vic. Didn't copy that you wanted to try today. 

OK, here are the station call signs as I worked them.  Times are ZULU.


1255  VA3ORP  Dave, Inverary ON

1305  W1NU   Vic, Fairfield CT  -  19 set Mk 2

1320  VE1AIR  Jack, Riverview NB

1326  VE9TV  Omer, Shediac NB

1331  VE2QA  Lee, Point a la Guarde, QC

1337  VE9MA  Warren, Moncton NB

1350  VE9WX  Dale, Riverview NB  -  19 set

1356  VE1AKT  Al, Keswick Ridge, NB

1400  VE3BDB  Bob, Orillia ON

1406  VE2EDB  Dave  Hemingsford QC

1410  VE1TLK  (Not in data base. Pirate or incorrect call logged?)

1503  VE3XNT  Al, Smith Falls, ON

1517  VE3VJ  Joe, Lowbanks ON

1524  VE9BUF  Jean-Guy, Moncton NB

1529  VE3BBN  David, St. David's ON

1605  W1NU  Vic, Fairfield CT  -  Paraset radio

1618  VE1WG  Bill, Moncton NB

1636  W1NU  Vic, Fairfield CT  -  GRC-109

1647  Unknown call sign. He gave me a 5-7-9 said his name was Joe in CT.  Should have realized who it  was. Sorry Joe.  (W1GDZ. See 2024 entry.)

1654  VE9ML  Marcel, Moncton NB

1803  VE1BBW  David, Port Williams NS

1817  VE3CSJ  John, Orleans ON

1825  VE3ABC  Radio Group in Ottawa ON

2008  VE1YM  Bob, Moncton NB  -  no Morse key, used 2 wires and clip leads.

2014  VE1XW  Bob, Moncton NB

2020  VE1EV  Bob, Moncton NB

2024  W1GDZ  Joe, Fairfield CT  -  Thanks for being persistent, Joe.

2223  VE3CBK  Chris, Kanata ON


There you go guys, a grand total of 27 stations worked. Many thanks to all who took the time and hang in there long enough for me to exchange RST reports. I had a great day, with propagation that could not have been better.  

Thanks, Chris, for hanging in there long enough with my constant SA RST  SA RST. There wasa station calling me over and over and over each time I turned it back to you.  He finally gave it a rest long enough for me to copy  RST 4-5-9. Then when we were done, that other station was nowhere to be found. Go figure. 

QSL cards are printed, the certificate is designed and I am slowly printing them.  Just waiting for my special quarters from the mint that honour the Veterans this  year. This is the year of the Vet. As they say. If you love freedom, "thank a Vet." Thank you Vets. 

73 to all.  I look forward to doing it again next year.

Reed VE1NU