November 11, 2004, Remembrance Day

Annual Wireless Set No. 19 Activities

By Reed Park, VE1NU

This is the 10th annual Wireless Set Number 19 event for VE1NU.

The year 2004 marks the 10th year of my November 11th special operations. Fitting, that this year we again worked 19 stations. I think that is the second time.  

This year we worked three other 19 sets, those being in Riverview NB, Kanata ON and Fairfield CT. 

The year 2004 was also the year that the Canadian Mint brought out the first coin containing any colour.  It was rather fitting that it was a red Poppy.  So, the year 2004 not only saw a special colour certificate, but also a special colour coin and a special colour QSL card from VE1NU.  Contacts were as listed below. 

All times listed are in Zulu time (CTU or UTC or GMT, take your pick) The nice thing about standards is there are so many to choose from.       :-) 

1312            VE9BUF       Jean-Guy        Moncton NB

1320            VE9WX         Dale                Riverview NB  Using 19 set

1326            VE9MM         Gord               Riverview NB

1330            VE1AIR         Jack                Riverview NB

1338            VE9MA          Warren           Moncton NB

1345           W1NU             Vic                  Fairfield CT    Using 19 Set. Gave him 589 then bottom dropped out of the band.

1410            VE1AWJ      Laurie              Moncton NB      Nice call in CW for sure

1418            VE1XW        Bob                  Moncton NB     Always a regular for my special ops. Thanks!

1421            VE9MSC                               Moncton NB VE9 Moncton Science Center

1430            VE1EV                                  Moncton NB Club Station

1457            VE1AHM      Gary                 Moncton NB

1713            VE1YZ          Neil                  St. Margarette's Bay NS       I asked Neil how he liked CW and his reply was “slow and painful”, just as he remembered it.           

1731            VE1AKT       Al                     Keswick Ridge NB

1745            VE9NB         John                Riverview NB

1802            VE1RG         Chuck             New Maryland NB

1819            KM1N            Bill                  Salem NH

1850            VE1DY          Paul                Lower Sackville NS

2130            VE3HJI         Jack                Ottawa ON

2121            VE3CBK       Chris               Kanata ON   Using 19 set.


Total of 19 stations worked and three were other 19 sets. All contacts were on 40 meters. 

Some day I should try 80 meters as well.  Since I have four working 19sets, it would be nice to get two of them working side by side, one on 80 and on 40 meters, just for fun.  If anything, it would make a great Kodak moment. This year, I tried to find an Army uniform at the local surplus store, but they had nothing of WW2 vintage.  Well, nothing that would fit me!!   

I look forward to doing it again in 2005.  Keep your old gear working by using it once in awhile, gang.  Makes us appreciate just what the boys had to work with during WW2.  Also makes us appreciate our newer gear even more. 

7 3

Reed   -   VE1NU  


CLICK on photo to enlarge         

As might be concluded by the photo above (click on the thumbnail to enlarge) this year Reed was well supplied with the appropriate lubricant to mark his 10th year of WS#19 Remembrance Day activities.  However, appearances can be deceiving!


2004cert.jpg (204012 bytes)

Click on the thumbnail above to see a sample of the certificate that Reed sent out this year to all contacts.