November 11, 2009, Remembrance Day

Annual Wireless Set No. 19 Activities

By Reed Park, VE1NU

Was a little late in crawling out of a nice warm bed on November 11th.  Made it downstairs to the faithful old WS No. 19 and turned it on at 0800 Hrs. Then went back upstairs to a quick bowl of mush (oatmeal, to you non Scots).  That was to give the old green thing a chance to wake up. We were both built in the same year, 1943, and we both needed a little time to awaken. 

It had been all set up and tested out 3 days before, in case of surprises.  Nice surprise, it still works. 

Anyway here, in order, is how the day looked.

1214 - 1223 Z VE3CBK, Chris, in Kanata ON, with his 19 set C83399

1225 - 1228 Z VA3ORP, Dave, in Inverary ON

1244 - 1253 Z W4ELP, Ed, in Gainesville GA

1259 - 1210 Z KC9MXQ, Charles, in Belvidere IL

1337 - 1349 Z VE3BDB, Bob, in Orillia ON (using WS#19 Mk III, SN C70168) 

1409 - 1412 Z VE1UT, Bernie, in Hebron NS

1414 - 1424 Z WA2FCF, Dave, in Sanford NC

My 19 set was staying partially keyed with the key up. Thought I had transmitter troubles, but found another key did not have the same problem.

Respectful pause at 1500 hrs Z (1100 hrs Atlantic time) to honour all fallen Soldiers.

1514 - 1524 Z VE1VEI, Lloyd, in Aylesford NS

1528 - 1531 Z VE9MSR, Moncton Seniors Radio Club, Moncton NB

1532 - 1536 Z VE1XP, George, in Truro NS

1537 - 1540 Z VE1TAY, Wade, in Taymouth NS

Transmitter was getting way too chirpy on my monitor receiver (RA6778C) and couldn't find the problem, so I closed down operations.

Also, my right arm has an annoying twitch, making it difficult to send CW.  Actually had to use my left hand most of the time. Sorry guys, old age is affecting both the operator (me) and the 19 set.

There were times when QSO's were out in the clear, solid copy, and other times when sigs almost disappeared and QRM was horrendous. 

To those I worked, thank you for having patience enough to put up with my poor CW.  To those that called me but I did not copy, sorry guys. 

To Vic, W1NU, I sure missed not hearing you this year Vic.

Now, to finish designing and printing the Certificates.

73 all
VE1NU - Reed
(Lest we forget)