November 11, 2010, Remembrance Day

Annual Wireless Set No. 19 Activities

By Reed Park, VE1NU

Hi Group  

Writing this report means it's all over for another year. 

This year, 2010, means I have operated my old faithful Number 19 set for 16 years in a row on November 11th.  Every time I do so, it reminds me how much I like the newer modern gear, and I appreciate more just how difficult operating the vintage gear (when it was modern) must have been.  

Anyway, this year I had 15 contacts. One station contacted me twice, so officially it is 14 contacts.

This means, of course, 14 colour certificates are being printed, 14 QSL cards are being filled out and 14 of the new Canadian Mints 25 cent pieces will be enclosed.  

November 11th, 2010, dawned bright and early for me. I was up at 0730 hrs Atlantic Time (1130Z).

Slowly wound my way into the basement ham shack and turned on the 19 set and the ICOM 751.

Then went back upstairs to get the first of many mugs of coffee. Washed my face and sort of woke up.

Back to the 19 set I went, coffee close at hand.  At 1155Z, I started sending CQ and David, VA3ORP, was quick as a wink in answering me.  We exchanged RST of 4-7-9 each way. Off to a good start as I expected the usual local guys to be first on the scene.  First contact was from Inverary, Ontario.  

Chris, VE3CBK in Kanata, Ontario, was quick in becoming contact number 2 at 1202Z and we exchanged RST of 5-7-9 each way.  

Third contact was with an unexpected N3HAM, Gerry in Philadelphia, PA . When I commented on his neat call sign, he assured me it completely by luck. His RST was 5-7-9 and mine 5-6-9. I think he was kind enough to not mention the chirp as I didn't tell him my setup.  It will be a complete surprise to him when he gets the certificate and coin.  

I sent a whole bunch of CQ's between 1227Z and 1239Z before I heard Bob, VE3BDB, answer from Orillia. He was contact number 4.  We each exchanged RST of 4-7-9.  Got an e-mail from Don, VE4AY, saying he heard  both  Bob and myself.  Don called in but I didn't hear him probably because VE1AIR was so strong.  (Bob didn't hear him either, due to QRM.)  

Fifth contact was with Jack, VE1AIR in Riverview NB at 1302Z. Jack used to help me each November 11th when I lived in Dieppe, New Brunswick He gave me 5-8-8 and I gave him 5-9-9.  

Sixth contact was with Bev, VE1TL, in Walton, Nova Scotia, at 1310Z.  All I was able to copy was RST and call sign as Bev was sending way to fast for me to copy anything else. We both got 5-9-9.  

Seventh contact was with Dave, VE2EDB in Hemingsford, Quebec, at 1403Z. He gave me a 5-7-9 and his report was 5-9-9.  Dave runs the TP Net (Trans Provincial Net) Mondays and Thursdays at 1300Z on 7055 kHz.  When he finished his net, he popped in to make a contact.  

Eighth contact was again with another old friend, Jean-Guy, VE9BUF, in Moncton NB, at 1407Z with 5-9-9 each.  

Ninth contact was with another very fast (for me) sender, Lloyd, VE1VEI, in Aylesford NS. All I got out  of 15 minutes was name, QTH and I was 5-7-9. He of course was another 5-9-9 at 1421Z.  

Tenth contact was with George, VE1XP, in Truro NS, at 1444Z and we each got 5-9-9.  

Eleventh contact was again with Bev, VE1TL, in Walton NS, at 1448Z. This time I was 5-7-9 and he remained 5-9-9.

Twelfth contact was with another old friend, Al, VE1AKT, in Keswick Ridge, NB. He gave me 5-9-9 and his report was 5-9-9 at 1453Z.  

Thirteenth contact was with Lew, VE1CA, in New Minas, NS.  I met Lew a number of years ago at his place.  He sure does a lot of HF amplifier construction.  Nice looking stuff.  His report was 5-9-9 and he gave me 4-8-8.  Lew reported having some RF getting into his keyer and causing some trouble. He also mentioned it was nice to hear the 19 set on the air. Time was 1457Z.  

Had some family stuff to do after Lew's contact and was away for a spell.  Sporadic operation for the next few hours resulted in no contacts for awhile.  

At 2100Z,  I started calling Chuck, W1HIS, as arranged in an e-mail.  At 2117Z, VE3EZP, John, in London, Ontario, called me. We exchanged 5-8-8 in each direction.  Towards the end, John said I dropped down to 3-5-8. John was contact number 14.  

Kept calling Chuck through the high speed CW and some data transmissions until finally, I heard W1HIS calling me at 2151Z.  Sigs were fantastic at 5-9-9 for both of us. Good path between Belmont MA and New Brunswick.  Reminds me of the pipeline Vic (W1NU) and I used to have.  Vic was always strong to me.  

That's it for this year. Hope to see you all again next time. 

Oh yah, the reason I had the ICOM751 on was to try and keep as close to 7040 as possible.  No antenna on the ICOM, so all contacts were heard on the Wireless Set, Number 19 and a 40 meter dipole fed from an antenna tuner.  

Thanks to all who participated.

7 3

Reed - VE1NU, 

Number 10 on the Wireless Set No.19 Group

Lest We Forget