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Easy To Use Windows Packet Program
For International Space Station, PCSat and other
'compatible' satellites or for any type of UI-traffic!
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This Add-On (by Dany LU4EG) purpose is to audit the messages, Bulletins and News using Microsoft's "Text to Speech" received by UISS.
Easy to use, but still enough possibilities to configure the add-on to your needs.
It's also possible to let it speak text files (*.txt), like saved APRS messages or any other kind of text files using "Say Text File" button.

Download UISS-TTS (Important: please UnZIP the files in the UISS folder)


Yes, our module programmer has done it again: UISS_GPS! This 3th UISS-module (addon) by Dany LU4EG is a full featured GPS to UISS bridge!!
This AddOn allows you to send "APRS beacons" from your GPS to UISS. Connecting your GPS to a Notebook, UISS becomes a "TinyTrack" beaconing your position.
If you do not have a secondary serial port available then you must "share" serial port in order to have two logical ports, one for the GPS and the other one for AGWpe to manage the radio.


Download UISS-GPS (Important: please UnRAR the files in the UISS folder)

UISS-SatGate 2.0

This is the second UISS-module (addon) for UISS by Dany LU4EG: a full featured SATGATE!!
This unique AddOn acts like a "bridge" between UISS and the Internet hence joining Radio and APRS-IS (APRS Internet Service).
It has two primary modes: RF to Internet and Internet to RF.

Using it enables you to send any satellite downlink packets to
http://www.ariss.net or http://www.findu.com/cgi-bin/pcsat.cgi in real time, for other HAMs in the world to see all the passes over your location. UISS SatGate sends this info to satgate.aprsca.net on port 14580, which can be changed if needed. Can also be used to gate any type of packet (not only satellite packets).

Also you can use the "reverse" mode to transmit the world APRS-IS info at your APRS local frequency.

Setup the UISS-SateGate module in only a few easy steps making it one of the easiest to use satgate around (an yet powerful enough to satisfy even the most advanced users).

Some more of the unique features in UISS-SatGate: call sign filters, MHeard expire time, Best DX, Proxy settings (if needed), change TX-ports indepently from RX-ports (important for Internet to RF Gate option), transmit current ISS location object, extensive logs, create your own web-server, and much more!!

Note: works only with UISS Pro-Edition

Download UISS-SatGate (UnZIP the files in the UISS folder)

.UISS-Orb 1.0 (Freeware)

This is the first 3th party module (addon) for UISS, by Dany LU4EG!
This AddOn permits to link UISS with Orbitron in order to have automatic transmissions with the exact pass of the "birds" over your station. It uses
Orbitron satellite tracker and parses the data to UISS.

Some features:

- The use and configuration are very simple
- Track the satellite(s) you want to use, with the name it has in Orbitron label. You can add as many satellites as you want!
- Let UISS transmit during the passes of each added satellite.
- Interval (s): Time in seconds you want to transmit.
- Change UISS's alias according to the satellites you are using (Examples: PCSAT,W3ADO-1,ARISS,WIDE2-2)
- Min El(): Minimun elevation angle in degrees you want to begin and end the transmitions.
- and more!

A perfect example what's possible using the latest modulecommands capabilities of UISS v5.2.2!

Download UISS-Orb (UnZIP the files in the UISS folder)

.UISS-EGWX 1.0 (Freeware)

A WX add-on called LU4EG Virtual Weather 1.0!

Download UISS-EGWX (UnZIP the files in the UISS folder)

.UISS-MapView 3.1


In short about UI-MapView:

  • This UISS module allows you to visually locate a station heard by UISS (or the AGW-Packet Engine) on a map.

  • Compatible with almost any locator system used in APRS and GPS including Mic-E compressed and UI-View compressed locators.

  • There are 9 maps included of all contintents and more. You can create and add infinite number of new maps by converting UI-View maps. UI-view maps can be converted using the LU4EG tool or downloaded from here.

  • Creates Logs from every station heard to plot them all back whenever you want!

  • Maps can be saved (including the stations plotted on the map)!

  • All UISS logs or UISS Monitor files can be read and re-plotted on a map.

  • Export functions to BMP or JPG picture, also includes "AutoSave on Exit" options.

  • You can maximize any map to full screen enhancing the station spacing.

  • If you should plan to make or convert maps (and want to share them with your fellow ham's) then please send them to me and I'll gladly put them on this page with full credtis. The HAM-community thanks you in advance.

  • RX-Packet = UI-MapView v3.0
    Can also be used as stand-alone application! UISS is no longer obligated to work, hence you can use it as an no-nonsense RX packet program. AGW Packet Engine is needed when used stand-alone. Ideal for SWL's!
    Small and easy to use! No complex settings hence also ideal for beginners


Special thanks to the UISS-MapView beta-testers: Nigel G4DCQ, Daniel LU4EG!


Download UI-MapView 3.1 (UnZIP the files in the UISS folder)

  • Download UIMapView_UISS_Addon.zip

    Download UIMapView, Mirror PE1PQX


Download MAPS (UISS-MapView, PreMuLoc, MU-Locator & PreFind compatible)

  • Your maps perhaps...?


UI-View to UISS-MapView Map Converter v1.1, de LU4UG
Convert any UI-View map to be used UISS-MapView or PreMuLoc in simple click!!
It copies the converted map to your UISS-MapView directory automatically. It doesn't get any easier then this! Freeware!

.UIData v1.4 (Freeware)

This UISS add-on analyzes and gives you more info about the received packets from the UISS saved Monitor file(s) or UISS reports!
If you want it generates a clean reception file by removing all your transmitted packets (only those packet frames that have not been digipeated) from the UISS saved Monitor file(s) or UISS reports!
Compatible with all UISS versions.

* To analyze the packet data you saved with UISS in detail:

Shows you the total of your digi's, transmitted frames, received frames, stations digipeated and also packet-frames received per minute, the efficiency of your TX attempts compared to your digipeated frames and so much more...!

* To remove your TX-packet frames from the saved Monitor data file(s) if needed.
* To retrieve the heard list from any saved Monitor file(s)


Download UIData 1.4

  • Download UIData.zip(68kB)
    (Please UnZIP the files in your UISS directory!)


UISS MultiTelem (Freeware)

By Nigel G4DCQ

Uiss MultiTelem decodes the Telemetry strings sent from the PSAT satellite. PSAT also uses the callsign PSAT-1.
PSAT (NO-84) is a packet satellite which incorporates a 1200 baud Digipeater, and like other satellites from the USN Naval Academy operates on 145.825 MHz.

During normal operation PSAT transmits Telemetry beacons giving details of the satellite's status and battery condition. This program decodes the data and shows the complete condition of the satellite.

Full details of the satellite's objectives are given on the ParkinsonSat(PSAT) page at

You are encouraged to read the details of the satellite's objectives, it is very worthwhile and a 'good read'.

Download UISS MultiTelem v7.16

Download UISS MultiTelem(40kB)

Note: After unzipping please copy the 'Uiss MultiTelem.exe' file into the 'ExternalPrograms' folder, of UISS,
which can be found under the main UISS folder. Uiss\ExternalPrograms to give its full title.

MonitorTrack (Freeware)

By Nigel G4DCQ

Monitor Track works alongside the Orbitron Satellite prediction program written by Sebastion Stoff. Monitor Track is linked to Orbitron via a DDE link and displays valuable data to assist an operator during a Satellite pass.

Note: Orbitron Ver 3.7.1 must be installed on your PC for Monitor Track to function.
After unzipping please read the 'ReadMeFirst' text regarding where to place the files.

Orbitron, maps and help files in many languages are all available from Sebastian Stoff's web-site at :

Download MonitorTrack R24

Download MonitorTrack(60kB)

The program can be unzipped in ANY folder and does not need an installation
Note when using it with UISS:
After unzipping please copy all the files in the 'ExternalPrograms' folder, of UISS,
which can be found under the main UISS folder. Uiss\ExternalPrograms to give its full title.


A SSTV program specially designed for receiving pictures from ISS but can also be used for any other SSTV mode. Easy to use, autosave of received pictures. Uses the powerful MMSSTV engine! Works stand-alone. Freeware!!

How to build UISS Modules

Click here for detailed explanation how to build modules in VB

More UISS AddOns (Modules), help, examples can be downloaded at:

More can be found here

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