UISS: Windows packet program for satellites etc. de ON6MU(ex ON1DHT)
Easy To Use Windows Packet Program
For International Space Station, PCSat and other
'compatible' satellites, APRS or for any type of UI-traffic!
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UISS and the ET Shadow Experiment

UISS for Windows: what does it do

This program has been designed for easy packet radio communication (by HAM radio operators) with ISS (International Space Station), PCSat or 'compatible' satellites...and specially for any type of UI packet communication (unproto).
You can digi the sats like NO44, ISS... with UI-frames (unproto) headers or complete with TX-data (text), APRS location and/or APRS messages, bulletins, news, mail etc...
Of course you can use the program for basic normal packet or for easy monitoring of any packet radio traffic, connecting to your local node or bbs etc.

You can connect (licensed radioamateurs only ofcourse) and send pre-defined BBS commands or activate a beacon. The beacon has many special (registered) features not found in any other program. UISS has been developed for easy use, and programmed for high speed and low use of system resources.

APRS functionality has been implemented! So you can send your location to be put on the right place on the APRS maps. With UI-MapView, an external UISS-Module, you can view the received station on a map!
Use it as an APRS messenger to send and receive APRS messages!

Filter out all unwanted receiving packet frames with special build-in filters!

Special digi options easy to use are implemented. A automatic MHeard-list of all stations that are being received is viewed and can be saved and transmitted.

With the internal Notebook you can enter all information you need or want about ISS, satellites or packet in general...Ideal to keep those notes in handy (like Post-It)

A build-in alarm guard can be set to monitor and log a special callsign, a specific word, a character or digipeated packets. Ideal for use when ISS, callsings or a particular part of data has been received! All packets can be logged to disk at any time.

UISS has a full BBS build in! It supports several external and remote commands. All commands are compatible with the commands used by GP (Graphic Packet) and uses the same operating as GP.

Special advanced packet radio beacon features implemented.

The program uses the AGW Packet Engine so you can use this program with any modem installed that is supported by AGWPE!! Soundcard, Baycom, TNC's etc. UISS has LAN capabilities making it work over a LAN or even via Internet!
UISS also support the UZ7HO Soundmodem, direwolf etc... No need for a modem, these use just your soundcard!

Selectable RX- and TX Ports, uses very little system resources. You can even multiple instances of UISS, allowing to use independent settings for each copy!

All stations are displayed on any map available with the build-in UI-map-viewer. Maps can be converted from UI-View (see download section).

An available module from LU4EG sets up UISS to act as a IGate, hence allowing APRS TCPIP Igate traffic!

Any suggestions or comments are a great help for future versions.
I'm also looking for people who would like to translate the manual
to French, Dutch or German (other languages also very welcome).

Some features of UISS:

  • Easy to use
  • Designed for easy packet radio communication with ISS, PCSat or other 'compatible' (APRS) satellites...
  • Easy to send UI-frames (unproto), send location in APRS format (GPS)...
  • Receive and send APRS messages (APRS messenger) etc.
  • APRS compatible functionality and visual station location (UI-MapView add-on)
  • Store all reception data and packet radio frames
  • LAN features implemented (TCP/IP)!
  • Show stations on maps that can be converted from UI-View
  • Make a complete reception report of your received packet session
  • View only data from received packet frames
  • Filters: apply filters to receive the packets you want to see
  • Beacon with advanced features, beacon on heard, scheduled activation, and remote control
  • Automatic counts and logs a list of all stations heard with details
  • Complete BBS with BBS commands (compatible with Graphic Packet)
  • Internal Notebook to keep those notes in handy
  • Sound Alarm when a specified callsign, or a word(s), a digipeated frame, a message is received and log to disk
  • Disable/Enable stations that want to connect you
  • Send heard stations list in one click of a button
  • Send multiple lines with (or without) special ascii code characters
  • Packet radio beacon that can be used to TX live data from third party software.
  • Works with any type of modem and baudrates that AGWPE supports
  • Program your own UISS modules!
  • Remote control
  • Selectable RX- and TX Ports
  • Possible to log automatically all- or digipeated received packets to disk
  • Optimized code lets UISS run even on slow Pc's!
  • With UI-MapView, an external UISS-Module, you can view each received station on a map!
  • Run multiple instances of UISS, allowing to use independent settings for each copy!
  • Beacon on heard (Intelligent Beacon)
  • Transmit multiple lines of text in unproto
  • Import images from other programs, and live view of OrbiTron satellite tracker
  • IGate capable
  • and much much more....


.Thanks to all who supported UISS!


UISS-Module programmers:
Dany LU4EG (UISS-Orb, UISS-SatGate, UISS-Map creator and UISS-GPS)
Nigel G4DCQ (UISS-MultiTelem)

Currently Active Beta-testers:
Nigel G4DCQ


Mirror of UISS downloads:
André, PE1PQX

And special thanks to people who donated to the UISS Project or to AMSAT do to UISS!
Also, thanks to everybody using UISS, and those who mailed me their appreciation, suggestions and comments about UISS!
Thank you all, really true HAM-spirit!

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UISS and the ISS ET Shadow Experiment

UISS is also recommended for use with the ET Shadow Experiment
As of UISS version 5.1 a Shadow Experiment Wizzard has been build-in!

The Space Plasma Experiment Central Research Institute for Machine Building (TsNIIMASH)
Current Participants of the Shadow Experiment [

Read more about the ET Shadow Experiment
[iss shadow experiment]
More info about the ET Shadow Experiment [
Instructions on how to perform the Shadow Experiment: [


Detailed explanation of the UISS beacon features for use with the ISS Shadow Experiment

Beacon manual in English] -- [Beacon manual in Russian]


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