UISS Beacon Setup for Shadow Experiment

First, as of version 5.2 there is a Wizard available in the Help-menu that guides you through all the steps needed with ease!

I've made a quick guide for those Master Stations who would like to use UISS v5.1 (does not apply to versions prior to v5.1!!).

To setup UISS for the Shadow Experiment, go to menu Setup->Beacon Settings:
  - Activate the beacon
  - Enter a beacon-interval of 3 seconds. (This will lett UISS know that the
user could want to use its Shadow Experiment features.)
  - Click on the bottom-left button with the blue V-icon representing OK (to
apply the beacon settings).
  - Confirm the dialog which asks the user if he/she wants to enable the
Shadow Experiment mode.
  - You'll see a new option "ISS Shadow Experiment". Here you just need to
enter your country's ISO code (example BE = Belgium)
  - Now click again on the blue V-icon button

UISS will start to transmit the beacon according to Shadow Experiment
prefered packets (including digipeater etc.):
Fm ON6MU To BEACON Via ARISS <UI pid=F0 Len=38 >[23:42:24]
SpEx SHADOW  23:42:24 *BE* 30-11-2007/

Fm ON6MU To BEACON Via ARISS <UI pid=F0 Len=38 >[23:42:27]
SpEx SHADOW  23:42:27 *BE* 30-11-2007/

UISS HAM-radio