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  • For easier imagination under which conditions I am working on HF and VHF I would like briefly introduce my QTH. Actually home QTH and portable one as we have a small cottage in the mountains ORLICKE HORY.
    The typical for the architecture of 80's (70's and 60's too) is building huge housing estates and due to this, enormous concentration of inhabitants on very small places. From the point of Ham view - the worst situation for potential TVI, BCI and whatever else.
  • Home QTH
    As I noticed before we are living in housing estate, in very tall block of appartments (13 floors)it means all antennas mounted on the flat roof in height about 45 m above ground. It is the only advantage which gives me the QTH. As the space there on the roof is also limited (especially if you guess to place the antennas with a rotation system). In the time being I have two rotatable masts (from Al pipes 50 mm diametr); one carries tribander for 20, 15 and 10m, on the other is A3WS (3 el for 17 and 12m), CueDee long Yagi for 2 m and 5 el Yagi for 6 m band. From the roof to the opposite block I have longwire antenna - about 80 m for 160 and 80 m and the last but not least - vertical for 40 m band, formerly used also for 30 m but due to high SWR I picked up Inverted Vee only for the band. The short vertical 3 el for 2 m packet radio is mounted on the balcony.
  • Portable QTH
    My portable QTH is about 40 km far of my home. The cottage is situated in the wonderful nature but if I complain for the lack of space in my home QTH, the situation there at the cottage is even worse. The cottage in winter Until today I was very busy and building up and testing antennas are still in plans. The QTH is good for some directions so I am QRV on 2 and 6 m bands from there. Also the terain in the area is very suitable for portable operation and I can very quickly move to some of the number places which height is around 750 m asl. To stay in touch with friends I made long wire between two trees which works on all bands.

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