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  • The RTTY is a brand new activity, dated November 2000 when I had the chance downolad the excellent software MMTTY ver.1.5. Even I had about 150 RTTY QSOs couple years ago when I borrowed the PK232MBX, the real work in that digi mode have started a month ago.
    When I solved the problems with grounds of TRX and PC (causing noise with transmitting via sounblaster) I developed RTTY as a very interesting mode. With only low power (less 50 W in my case) one can work DX very easy.
    Since the time I wrote these I had the chance to work with several DXpeditions and improve my DXCC score. Is needed to say the activity on RTTY is a bit less than the new digi mode - than BPSK31. One day I read an article written by my friend OK1AK, describing modern, "low-power" digimode BPSK31. The results of PSK seemed me very interesting so I decided to try BPSK. The first QSO was made Nov 1st, 2002 with OK2PSG. I was surpised how good QSO we had with so small power (after couple decreasing - I use less than 1 W on 80m). As I prefere DXing, I´ve started with chasing DX on 14, 21 and 28 MHz. Up to date I have worked with 83 DXCC in all continents. BTW - my RTTY score is 202 DXCC worked, 106 confirmed (in all six continents).
    Developing the new digi mode openned another space to my activities on the HF bands.

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