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This is my 1995 BMW M3. It has 240 HP, 4-wheel disc brakes using the 5-series discs and calipers, and has a zero to 60 mph of 5.1 seconds. Better yet, the 60 to zero time is about 3 seconds! It corners better than I'm willing to push it, and has a top speed-I'm told-of 137mph (where the engine cpu limits it.) And, no, I haven't done 137mph in it... but have seen some fairly high speeds... where it does very well, with excellent stability. While we're on that subject, the RADAR detector is a Valentine One-with remote readout and laser detection. But truthfully, I rarely exceed 5 to 7mph over the posted speed limits-and that only in appropriate weather and visibility, on the Interstate. The tires are Michelin Pilot Sport Radial-X 235-40 ZR17 low profiles. Presently it has about 95,000 miles on it, and still has the original clutch. I'm as fond of it today as I was the day I bought it-perhaps more so.

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