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GRAPHIC name and email address: Ed Tanton


The items you will find here are a collection of things I have run into over the years that have-for one reason or another-caught my eye. Generally, they are objects you are unlikely to ever see anywhere else. No shrunken heads(!!!) but I do have a 4000 year old (authenticated) Kassite spear-point (remember the Hittites and the Kassites from the Old Testament of the Bible? THOSE Kassites.

The items presented here are typically no longer available, and are-for the most part-of little value... except to someone having something similar to my obscure-but-widely-ranging set of interests and humongous curiosity bump. They are put here because I figured others might also find them interesting. Hopefully, I'll add about one per week until I run out... which-believe me-might be a while.

If you have anything along these lines, or further illustrations of any of these things, and want to either sell them, or just enter them here... drop me a line, and we'll work something out.

This is going to take a while... and when I have multiple similar items in mind (such as my bunch of odd quartz [radio-type, for oscillators, I mean] crystals) or my weird / neat clock collection, I will likely give them their own page. Clicking on the banner, and whatever button is drawn up will get you there.



Take a look at my CORROSION TOPICS page. Lots of unfortunate mistakes and cures. Complete with closeups!!!





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