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One of my wish was to add a simple and cheap band scope spectrum to my radio farm,using the available IF output from some of my radio, of course not all the radio have the same IF output frequency (would be too simple) so I have to made a choice. The AOR-5000a has an IF output of 10.7 Mhz while my old an lovely TS-850S has an IF output of 8.83 Mhz. After searching the net, I found that the available Universal-SDR Kit from FUNKAMATEUR Online-Shop was the best option for me. This kit is available for 69.45 ,10.7, 9, 8.83 Mhz as well as for 455 and 450 khz. I decided to add the band scope to my AOR-5000a as I have all the informations and specifications about the IF output for this receiver. I ordered the Uni-SDR-Kit for 10.7 Mhz for 29€ and the optional dedicated enclosure for 14.80€ + postal cost. A little more as a week later I received the awaited unit. The unit was well packed, not a single component was missing. Except the TTL-oscillator, the RF-622 RF transformer and the variable filter inductor all the component were locally available. There are NO SMD components. The board is made with high standart and quality material. I need about 2 hours to built the kit and found only 1 mistake in the furnished documentation (you don’t have to download the 4 very well done partially colored printed pages, it comes with the kit), Transistor T3 is not T3 but T4, pay attention on that till the docu is corrected. You can see below a picture of the soldered kit as well as a picture of the professional finished enclosure for the kit, you won’t be disapointed.

You will find below the kit in use with HDSDR and my AR5000a, I also test the kit with Rocky and SDR console, all software are compatible. It works perfectly, I just have to add the CAT system which is to find on the net to make it even more enjoyable to use.





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